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Dallas, Texas

Commentary: Gene Goodson and David Von Erich

  • As usual and appreciated they run down the card for the night.

Carlos Zapata v Tony Torrez

Great Kabuki v Richard Blood

Encore of Kabuki v Kerry Von Erich

Ivan Putski v Jack Taylor

Captain Frank Dusek v Al Madril

Carlos Zapata v Tony Torrez

My god that was rough. Boring is boring no matter what era it is. They only used about 4 different moves in the entire match which is good because Gene only knows to call three. 0-1

Winner: Zapata with a swinging neckbreaker.


  • Gene is with Kevin now. Not what I would call a money promo but he does call out the women in future towns so there is that. Also Gary Hart has to go.
  • Kerry arrives and discusses a letter from a fan named Margaret. Apparently WCCW is the greatest. Huh. Guess she missed that Zapata match.


Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart) v Richard Blood

Well this flowed a lot better than the first match I will give them that. Kabuki isn’t exciting but at least his character is something to watch. Blood continues to not be Rick Steamboat so I can’t get behind him. 1-2

Winner: Kabuki with a second rope fistdrop.

  • They sell it like Blood dies from that shitty fistdrop.


Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart) v Kerry Von Erich

This was previously shown on the 1/9 program and Fritz is on commentary. It ended in a double DQ. Here is what I said last time and it’s not getting counted in the points.

Not a bad match. Kabuki used his tickle hold a lot but it was fine. Kerry’s back was one giant zit so you can guess how many steroids he was on. At least Fritz left the booth.

Riveting stuff no doubt.



Jack Taylor v Ivan Putski

Putski looked like if steroids had a face. Dude is jacked. We get an update on Blood and he apparently has a fractured sternum from that light brush to the chest earlier. This was a squash but an energetic one so I’m feeling generous. 2-3

Winner: Putski with the Hammer.

  • Gene talks with Arman Hussian. He sells some tickets.
  •  Gary and Kabuki run the Von Erich family down.


Al Madril v Captain Frank Dusek (w/Bill Irwin)

Actually not a bad little match. Probably my favorite of the night. The kept things moving and it was going pretty well until the end. What the hell. 3-4

Winner: Dusek after the referee stopped the match due to a Madril knee injury.

  • The heels do a small attack until David leaves the booth to help Al.
  •  Gene and David sign off for us.



Final Tally? 3-4 The first match will drain your soul but the rest wasn’t too terrible. It’s worth 45 minutes of your time if you enjoy this era.

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