We say goodbye to a legend…maybe. It’s wrestling man, who knows?

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Commentary: The Usual.

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Team Raw: AJ Styles/Matt Riddle/Keith Lee/Braun Strowman/Sheamus v Team Smackdown: Jey Uso/ Kevin Owens/ Otis/Seth Rollins/King Corbin

Well this was certainly a match that happened. Nothing stood out at all for me in this thing and they just rode the usual Survivor Series formula all the way to the end of this. What a complete waste of the talent involved. WWE really needs to start making these things actually mean something to the audience and not just throw shirts on people expecting them to care. I feel like I write that more than I should on these. 0-1

Survivors: All of Team Raw after Jey Uso did his best or whatever.

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Raw Tag Champions The New Day v Smackdown Tag Champions The Street Profits

I enjoyed this one a lot. Yeah I know people are complaining about Big E being there in the beginning with his boys but jeeze man, just because they aren’t on the same show doesn’t mean the relationship is done. Let it go. The match wasn’t quite as good as I thought it was going to be but even with that slight level of disappointment it was way better than what preceded it. Both teams are great at what the do and Montez Ford is amazeballs. 1-2

Winner: The Street Profits after a pin on Woods.

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Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn v United States Champion Bobby Lashley (w/The Hurt Business)

Woof. This just wasn’t good at all. These guys have had tons of matches and none of them have ever been world beaters. They shouldn’t have bothered. 1-3

Winner: Bobby after some shenanigans and the Hurt Lock deal.

  • Roman giving Jey the business is so scummy and great.

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Raw Women’s Champion Asuka v Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks

These two simply do not have bad matches against one another. This wasn’t even as great as some of their past encounters but still was an amazing breath of fresh air on what so far had been a subpar show. God bless these two for bringing it every time. 2-4

Winner: Sasha with a rollup.

  • We get some 24/7 stuff with the champ Gobbledy Gooker, and if you don’t know who ends up with that belt at the end you are probably reading the wrong thing.

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Team Raw: Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler/Peyton Royce/Lacey Evans/Lana v Team Smackdown: Bayley/Bianca Belair/Ruby Riott/Liv Morgan/Natalya

This was way better than the men’s match but still not what I would call great or anything. The story with Lana kind of ruined it for me. Like are we supposed to believe that this was her big payback after all of the crap that has been dumped on her recently. Passively, accidentally winning a match doesn’t prove anything to anyone. The character (and honestly the real person) deserved better. No point because I’m salty on that now. 2-5

Survivor: Lana in the dumbest way possible.

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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre v Universal Champion Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman)

This almost lived up to all the hype. It started slowly but kept building until I was completely into it. Best match on the card in a walk and both of these dudes are at their very best right now. Either guy taking a loss wasn’t really the best idea but I think they protected Drew as much as they could with the Jey interference and such. I dug the hell out of this and if you only have time for one match this was it. 3-6

Winner: Roman after a distraction and a choke.

  • I’m not going to say the Undertaker deal was a complete waste of time but I wish it was more like the Ric Flair farewell where we actually get to see the guy interact briefly with his boys on the way out. Vince dropping “WWF” and the Paul Bearer hologram were nice touches but overall it didn’t scratch the itch I had in the goodbye category. But if he liked it that’s all that matters I guess.

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Final Tally? 3-6 What delivered really did and other than Bobby/Sami the other stuff wasn’t terrible, just blah. So that’s kind of my review the show man, blah. Track down Roman/Drew though.

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