What went down tonight.

Round 1:

Cole Radrick defeated Derek Neal

Dominic Garrini defeated Dustin Leonard.

Lee Moriarty defeated Max the Impaler.

Thomas Shire defeated Josh Crane.

Non Tournament: Alex Kane defeated Levi Everett.


Heavy Hitters Champion Bobby Beverly defeated Cole Radrick.

Dominic Garrini defeated Calvin Tankman.

Mike Braddock defeated Thomas Shire.

Hoodfoot Mo Atlas defeated Lee Moriarty.

Chase Holliday defeated Lord Crewe to retain the Midwest Territory .com Championship.

Middleweight Showcase: Flash Thompson defeated Lexus Montez.


Hoodfoot Mo Atlas defeated Mike Braddock.

Heavy Hitters Championship: Dominic Garrini defeated Heavy Hitters Champion Bobby Beverly.

Dom refused the belt.

Dan Severn defeated Matt Justice in a super fight.

Finals/Heavy Hitters Championship:

Hoodfoot Mo Atlas defeated Dominic Garrini.