Yeah, I just picked an episode out of a hat.

They haven’t added a lot, but Velocity is finally on the network. Let’s see how it holds up.

Not sure where this was taped and I don’t care to look it up. 

Commentary: Marc Loyd and Michael Cole


  • Only out a week from SummerSlam.


  • Hardcore Holly cut Rico’s hair to set this up. Riveting angle.


Rico v Hardcore Holly
Not too shabby. The crowd was into it and they definitely kept the pace quicker than I expected. Marc sucked on commentary but other than that this was alright. 1-1
Winner: Holly with an Alabama Slam.


  • Recap of the Global Warming tour in Australia.


Bull Buchanon v Albert
I forgot about short tights Bull. Dude was a hell of an athlete. Match was kinda eh. Too long for what they were doing even at like 7 minutes or so. It’s a no from me dog. 1-2
Winner: Bull via the top rope legdrop.


  • Recap of the Angle/Mysterio situation. A very long overly detailed recap. It did include the cool/odd visual of Kurt getting busted open on a Rana somehow. I get it’s a C-Show, but do we really need 25 minutes of SmackDown recap shoved in?


  • Sweet, the Extreme Blast of the Night, brought to is by JVC. Apparently Nidia forcing Tajiri to touch her boob while Batista beats up the Reverend was a blast?


Reverend D-Von v John Cena
Ah yeah, wacky roll-up guy John Cena.  Funny thing about 2002 Cena, he wasn’t very good. Plus there is a reason you can’t name a good D-Von singles match. Big woof on this thing. 1-3
Winner: Cena with a roll-up.

  • D-Von lays him out after the match. Not very Christian of him.


  • SummerSlam commercial, a really good one too. It almost makes me want to rewatch that show.


  • Time for another Smackdown recap. This time between Rock and Benoit. Rock’s Sharpshooter has always been trash. Brock arrives to continue that deal. Crap, I gotta rewatch this don’t I?


  • The Whack of the night! Tobacco is whacko if you are a teen apparently. Jamie Noble murdered Torrie with a clothesline so Nidia could get the win.


Jamie Noble/Tajiri (w/Nidia) v Billy Kidman/Funaki (w/Torrie Wilson)

This is the kinda thing that people remember Velocity for, non stop fast paced action. I could have done without the “Nidia is a slut” jokes but whatever. Really good match plus Nidia WAS wearing cut off Jean shorts which is always good for a point. 2-4

Winners: Funaki and Kidman pull this one out.


Final Tally? 2-4  I was older when this show was on so it doesn’t hit the nostalgia point from me where I will defend it to the death. I might keep going with these if people care but if not? Eh.

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