Friday night they will be bringing some “New Blood” in before Saturday’s “September 2 Remember”.

On the card for Friday they have…

Aaron Atlas v Nate Matthews

Vinny Rattlocke v Jordan Dye

Black Cube Society v KTK

Wrathbone v Chet Rippley

Kronus the Berzerker v Anakin Murphy

Justin Dream v Matthew Galloway

Then for Saturday…

#1 Contendership: Akira v Josh Crane

Shooters Don’t Die v Bomb Shelter

Original Sins v The Hustle and The Muscle

DTA v The Triiibunal

Fans Bring the Weapons: Dale Patricks v Chuey Martinez

Gusset Fuckery: Alex Ocen v Raven Havok

#1 Contendership: Justin Kyle v Matthew Justice

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