The one where the Berzerker attempted murder in front of a crowd of children.


Kalamazoo, Mi

Commentary: Vince and Mr. Perfect eventually.

  • Vince runs down the madness and makes terrible puns since Kalamazoo is the home of Kaopectate. Here is what we got lined up.

The Undertaker v The Berzerker

Ric Flair

Special interview w/Sid Justice

Sgt. Slaughter

Shawn Michaels

  • This was one of the shows I distinctly remember due to the Taker/Berzerker deal which blew me away as a kid.


Ric Flair w/Perfect v Ron Cumberlege

Ric Flair does lots of things well but squashing dudes doesn’t appear to be one of them. This was boring as hell, technically fine but just BORING. 0-1

Winner: Ric with the Figure Four.


  • WWF Magazine update with Mean Gene. We get some Coliseum exclusives from WrestleMania. A concert/lookalike contest and all kinds of other stuff that seemed like a good idea in 1992 that is embarrassing now. 


British Bulldog v Kevin Kruger

Short and sweet but most importantly it wasn’t boring. Had you told me I would enjoy a Bulldog match more than a Flair match I wouldn’t have believed you but here we are. 1-2

Winner: Bulldog after a running Powerslam.


  • WBF Bodystars commercial. Jesus this was a terrible idea.


The Genius does his poem before the next match. Smack talking the LOD seems like a dumb plan but I’m clearly not a genius.


The Beverly Brothers (w/The Genius) v Eric Collins/Mike Freedom

Honestly this way more entertaining than it had any right to be. The Beverlys beat the living shit out of these dudes. Plus there is a nice picture in picture interview where the Beverlys try and get Legion of Sissies over. Win, win. 2-3

Winner: The Beverlys after a Shaker Heights Spike on one of the poor goobers.

  • Collins get painted up like the LOD afterwards. The Legion of Sissies was not what I would call a great burn but they were sticking with it.


  • Sean Mooney in the control center to throw to our promo train.
  • LOD and Paul Ellering run down the Beverlys. Hawk loved cocaine for sure.
  • Repo Man cuts a weird promo about the faltering economy. Didn’t see that coming.
  • Crush reminisces about crushing stuff as a youngster. That sucked.


Shawn Michaels (w/Sherri) v George Anderson

The Sherri version of the song is always weird now. Also weird is Sweet Chin Music being a setup move. This is alright and includes Bret doing a picture in picture that proves he was not on top of his promo game yet. Perfectly fine with this. 3-4

Winner: Shawn with the Teardrop Suplex.


  • The new WBF magazine is coming out. One year my Grandparents got me one confusing it for the WWF one I guess. I was not impressed.
  • Back to Sean and more promos.
  • Texas Tornado rambles on and clearly didn’t think about the promo at all before hand.
  • The Nasty Boys and Jimmy are next. They say nasty a lot, not much else though.


Sgt. Slaughter v Brooklyn Brawler

Sarge gave Lombardi just enough to make it entertaining. Meanwhile, Slaughter calls out the Mountie in his picture in picture. Apparently he’s an international maggot. Not certain how that is different but it’s cool. 4-5

Winner: Sarge with the Cobra Clutch.


  • Wrestlemania VIII is available for purchase on VHS.


  • Mean Gene is with Sid Justice and Harvey Whippleman. He was not happy about the Ultimate Warrior returning at WrestleMania and getting all up in his business.
  • Shawn Michaels has left the building.


Natural Disasters v Kent Carlson/Tom Stone

I always like the babyface version of the Disasters for some reason. Money Inc gets the picture in picture deal this time and are tired of the Disasters crying. This was all OK. 5-6

Winner: The Disasters after an Earthquake and Typhoon splash. That dude is dead.

  • More Sean in the event center.
  • Skinner is a weirdo.
  • Tatanka thanks all the chiefs of the past as well as the WWF fans.


The Berzerker (w/Mr. Fuji) v The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)

This was a fairly famous moment. Match didn’t take place because Berzerker attacked before the bell and tried to stab Taker with his sword. He then pildrove him on the concrete like an insane person. Wild stuff, especially when the Undertaker no sold the shit out of it and followed the Berzerker back to the dressing room. No point because it wasn’t a match. Still a great segment though.

  • Skinner v Warrior next week.
  • Skinner isn’t scared.
  • Warrior says weird shit like normal.
  • Special interview with Macho plus an update on the Undertaker/Berzerker deal.

Overall Thoughts: Another good week of Superstars. It’s always nice to go back and check up on stuff you remember as being awesome and it still being fun to watch.

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