October 17, 1981

Commentary: Bob Caudle/ David Crockett

  • They run down the card for us, which includes new United States Champion Sgt. Slaughter.
  • Before we start Jake Roberts and Jay Youngblood want the tag titles. Jay also mumbles through a promo about Roddy Piper which brings out the dude that can actually talk. Piper is fired the hell up. David Crockett threatens to suspend Piper because David sucks. Poor Jake just kinda stood there.
  • We get a pretape of Handsome Jimmy with what I assume is placeholder music for The Boy from New York City. The dude did have charisma for sure. Still a waste of valuable televised time on a 45 minute show though.

Jimmy Valiant v Jim Nelson

Old Boris never did grow into that giant head. Jimmy doesn’t get paid by the hour and this thing is over in a hurry. That was a good thing because it sucked. 0-1

Winner: Jimmy with a sloppy elbow drop.

Roddy Piper v Jay Youngblood

Pretty good little back and forth match here. They set a really good pace considering the year it was. I dug it even though it needed an ending. 1-2

Winner: Neither man, it was a time limit draw.

  • Piper attacks after the match since he’s Piper.
  • Blackjack Mulligan Jr has words for Kevin Sullivan about their upcoming match in Whereverthefuck, West Virginia. Also Paul Jones and Johnny Weaver do likewise about the Russians. Not the good Russians, the ones with Volkoff.

Great Kabuki v Charlie Fulton

I thought I would only have to deal with Kabuki in those World Class reviews but he shows up here as well. Match was nothing but chops and kicks. Blah. 1-3

Winner: Kabuki after a reverse knife edge. Yep. A chop.

  • Bob talks to Wahoo about Piper.
  • Bob is with Jake who talks shit about Ole.

Ali Bey/Ricky Harris v Jake Roberts/Leroy Brown

I’m pretty sure Leroy passed away very recently which sucks. Match was an alright Babyface/heel tag match though and moved quickly which I liked.   2-4

Winner: Jake and the Bad Man.

  • Time for a promo train. All aboard.
  • Izzy Slapawitz talks about the Syndicate.
  • Kevin Sullivan talks smack about Mulligan Jr.
  • The Russians and Lord Alfred want Weaver and Jones as well.

Sgt. Slaughter v Frank Monte

Pretty sure Monte isn’t getting a title shot. Energetic squash by the Sarge. He beat the hell out of poor Monte quick, fast and in a hurry. Good stuff. 3-5

Winner: Sarge with the Cobra Clutch.

  • Sarge joins Bob and does the usual speech. He calls out several people including Flair.
  • Uncle Ivan is with Bob now. He wants Steamboat.
  • Ole joins in as we run out of time and still can’t defend the Tag belts due to not having a partner.

Overall Thoughts: 3-5 isn’t a bad 45 minutes no matter how you slice it. I dig cowardly Ole and Sarge was on a roll. Good times.

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