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Dallas, Texas

Commentary: Gene Goodson and Armand Hussian

  • We have a Championship match coming up tonight.
  • The boys run down the rest of the card

Wild Bill Irwin v Richard Blood (Is it?)

Carlos Zapata v Jose Lothario

Al Madril v (C) Busy McGraw for the American Heavyweight Championship

Larry Higgins v Kerry Von Erich

Big Daddy Bundy v El Negro Assassin/Tony Torres

  • Lots of stuff for only a 45 minute show.


Wild Bill Irwin (w/ Captain Frank Dusek) v Richard Blood

I was hoping for Steamboat and instead I get the exact opposite. Match was alright and Blood was better than I expected. Irwin has a trash finisher though, still I’ll take it. 1-1

Winner: Wild Bill with a weak ass second rope Forearm deal.


  • Gene is with Kevin and Kerry. Kevin looks like he is freezing his ass off. Also high. Kerry is wearing some 1980’s as hell shades. They discuss some non wrestling activities and generally just waste time.


Carlos Zapata v Jose Lothario

It wasn’t a long match but my god did it feel that way. Lothario continues to look a hundred years old and Zapata sucked. The commentary didn’t help either as they babbled on about unrelated stuff the entire time, and not in an entertaining way. 1-2

Winner: Jose with a punch, and not a good one.


American Heavyweight Championship: Al Madril v (C) Bugsy McGraw

I don’t KNOW that Gary Hart was booking but they have brought up the Great Kabuki 300 times in this show so it seems on brand. This wasn’t the worst thing ever but it really depends on how much you enjoy punching. I almost gave it a point until Al put on the worst figure four this side of Dusty Rhodes. Sorry boys 1-3

Winner: Bugsy retained by DQ after Al wouldn’t let that garbage ass figure four go.

  • Al cut an in ring promo after the match that you can’t hear much of. Apparently the gist was he wants a no DQ match next time. Eh.


Larry Higgins v Kerry Von Erich (w/Kevin)

Only 10 minutes left in the show so this won’t go long. Yeah I was right, Kerry didn’t even get his jacket off. This gets a point because Kerry hoisted old boy up like it was nothing. 2-4

Winner: Kerry with the claw.


Big Daddy Bundy v El Negro Assassin/Tony Torres

This should have been the 1 minute match. Bundy definitely should not have been selling for these guys in the slightest. Eh. 2-5

Winner: Bundy after a splash on Torres.

  • Gene and Armand close us out. Armand is so bad it makes me miss Fritz and Jose.
  • Next week (assuming the Network doesn’t jump around a few weeks again) its Kabuki v the Spoiler.

Just added to WWE Network: WCCW 1987-88 | WWE

Final Tally? 2-5 Not the strongest show they have had so far but these things continue to be a breeze to get through in 45 minutes. Even bad wrestling is fine if it’s quick.

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