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Orlando, Florida

Commentary: The usual from both shows.


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Kickoff Show: The IIconics v The Riott Squad

I don’t know if she was nervous or what but Liv Morgan was pretty awful in this thing. She botched several moves and missed breaking up a pin. I don’t want to be internet dickhead guy and beat the drum about it and say she’s terrible but she definitely had an off night. This was not good. 0-1

Winners: The Riott Squad after friendship conquered all or whatever.


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United States Championship: (C) Apollo Crews v Bobbly Lashley (w/MVP/Shelton Benjamin)

This feud continues to drag on and get worse every week. Bobby made Crews look like a complete chump and that sure didn’t help anyone. I just didn’t feel this one at all, making the babyface seem ineffectual for the entirety of the feud probably caused that. 0-2

Winner: Lashley made Crews tap to the Full Nelson.

  • Crews attacked Lashley after the match because he’s also a sore loser on top of being a regular loser.


  • Roman Reigns is a meanie now and JBL yaps to Keith Lee.


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Big E v Sheamus

This was too long and mostly boring. I expected them to beat the hell out of one another and this wasn’t that. I hope they figure out the Big E formula soon because the dude deserves it. 0-3

Winner: Big E with a Big Ending.


  • Matt Riddle is fired up about the King.
  • Nia and Shayna don’t get along. The story as old as time.


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King Corbin v Matt Riddle

Best match of the card at this point but that wasn’t a high bar to cross. I actually LIKE Corbin right now but them acting like this was a huge upset was pretty dumb. At least it wasn’t boring and at this point i’ll take it. 1-4

Winner: Riddle after a couple of moves with the word “Bro” in them.

  • Corbin attacks Riddle in the back because we have to watch every match a dozen times in a row.


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Women’s Tag Team Championship: (C) Bayley/Sasha Banks v Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler

This was not as good as I would have liked. They never really seemed to click the entire match and it felt more just like a bunch of planned out shit that wasn’t working more than a good match. Other than the cool visual of the ending I didn’t enjoy this at ALL. They finally made me hate a Sasha/Bayley match though so good job for that I guess. 1-5

Winners: Jax/Baszler after Shayna used Sashas arm to tap out Bayley.


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Keith Lee v Randy Orton

I refuse to hate this match even though I think they have a better one in them. After all the complaining via the interwebs this week, Keith beat Randy in the center of the ring without using his WWE approved finish as clean as a sheet. It was short but I enjoyed it and I’m sure we will get a better match between the two sooner rather than later. 2-6

Winner: Keith Lee with a Spirit Bomb.


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Seth Rollins/Murphy v Rey /Dominik Mysterio

Too damn long. It was technically fine and I didn’t have much to complain about but I still want this to be the end of this feud now. It gets a point but this is the last one for this combination unless they pull out a classic somehow. 3-7

Winners: Rey and Son after the 619/Frog Splash deal.


  • The Hurt Business are leaving with the belt.


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Universal Championship: (C) The Fiend v Braun Strowman v Roman Reigns

This was an alright brawl until they went back to the ring collapsing deal again. This show needed a really fun match at the end of the night to save it and it just didn’t get there. Also what is up with the Alexa deal? Like she got attacked by The Fiend and Braun so why is she all about The Fiend? This entire face/heel alignment is confusing and everyone in the match being a heel hurt the story for the second time tonight. Where do they go now? 3-8

Winner: Roman with a spear on Braun.


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Final Tally? 3- 8  I know that this was a thrown together show but the matchups looked way better on paper than was actually delivered. Not what I would call a good show at all but maybe they have a plan now.

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