Well. I did not see that coming.


Orlando, Florida

Commentary: The usual from both shows.


Kickoff Show/United States Championship: (C) Apollo Crews v MVP

MVP’s Goons were banned from ringside to keep it a level playing field. This was fine but there is a reason it was on the Kickoff Show. I feel zero excitement from this feud. 1-1

Winner: Apollo retained.

  • The Hurt Business tried  to attack after the match but the brave champion ran away again. On to the main show I guess.


Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C) Bayley v Asuka

A good way to start off the show proper. Asuka doesn’t have bad matches and Bayley has grown into one of the best performers in the company as a heel. I dug it. 2-2

Winner: Bayley with a rollup after some Sasha distraction.


  • The Mysterios have family time before the Kendo-thon later
  • They bring up the Retribution deal in a away where you just KNOW they will show up. Spoiler: nope.


Raw Tag Team Championships: (C) Street Profits v Angel Garza/Andrade (w/Zelina Vega)

I like most of everyone involved with thhis and Montez came back from the dead or whatever but…I didn’t feel it. This was just a TV match shoved on a PPV because time needed filled. 2-3

Winners: The champs retained after a Frog Splash deal on Garza.


  • Bayley and Sasha are still awesome. This feud is going to be great when they pull the trigger.


No DQ/Loser Leaves WWE: Mandy Rose v Sonya Deville

This was probably the best match Mandy Rose has ever had. They both showed intensity and despite a few issues (Mandy’s inability to set up a table) everything was mostly fine. The ladies are carrying the main show so far. 3-4 

Winner: Mandy with the knee. Hopefully Sonya gets some time off to deal with all the drama surrounding her lately. The poor woman has earned it.


Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio v Seth Rollins

I didn’t outright hate this but it went on for far too long to be enjoyable in my humble opinion. I get what they were going for with Dom’s family and all it just drug on for me. Kid looked alright in there obviously but the hood on the gear has to go. 3-5

Winner: Rollins with the stomp.


  • I went to get beer so I missed more show filler i’m sure.


Raw Women’s Championship: (C) Sasha Banks v Asuka

I was hoping Bayley would drop her strap so I didn’t have to remember that Sasha has never defended a singles championship on the main roster. It’s kind of dumb. I love these two though and obviously they delivered here. Probably better than Asuka/Bayley from earlier on as well. Asuka continues to outshine most of the rest of the roster. 4-6

Winner: Asuka with the Asuka-Lock after Bayley wasn’t as good at the distraction deal as Sasha.


WWE Championship: (C) Drew McIntyre v Randy Orton

I dug the hell out of this. These guys went out there and had a great main event style WWE match. People were hating on the ending but I thought that was a perfect way for the feud to continue and Randy to talk even more shit than he already has. Long live Champion Drew though. 5-7

Winner: Drew retained with a backslide.


  • There is another PPV in a week. Why though?


Universal Championship/Falls Count Anywhere: (C) Braun Strowman v The Fiend

This was not good. Two dudes taking turns no selling and being monsters while walking around didn’t do it for me. Plus, who were we cheering for here? The masked dude who assaulted a tiny woman in the ring or the 7 foot dude who assaulted a tiny woman in the ring? I award this no points and may God have mercy on their souls. 5-8

Winner: The Fiend wins the belt after a Sister Abigail on a section of exposed ring.


  • After the match the real shit starts when ROMAN REIGNS returns from Covid exile looking ripped as Hell to kick the shit out of these two for making us watch that match. I saw some grumblings online about this being a heel turn but I ask how? A cancer survivor takes time away from his job during a pandemic to protect the health of his two newborn children returns to beat up two monster jerks and reclaim what is his? Nah man. Roman should murder these clowns.


WWE Photo

Final Tally? 5- 8  This was way better than it had any right to be. Other than some slight issues this was as good as they can do under the circumstances we have right now. Even the trash main event was redeemed somewhat by Roman’s return. Now let’s see what they do with another show in a week’s time for some reason.

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