Hard to believe that this show was two decades ago.

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August 27, 2000

Raleigh, North Carolina

Commentary: JR and The King

  • Stevie cut the usual RTC promo before the match. Rikishi interrupts with some of the Godfather’s former ladies (including Victoria).

WWE Retrospective: SummerSlam 2000 - Tables, Ladders, And Chairs - Electric  Bento

6 Man Tag: Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay/Rikishi/Scotty 2 Hotty with Mandy/Victoria) v Right to Censor (Bull Buchanan/TheGoodfather/Steven Richards)

The crowd popped for everything these guys did out there. Hard to explain why and how Too Cool was over but they sure were. Match was nothing though. 0-1

Winner: RTC after a weak assed Stevie-kick to Scotty.


  • Recap of Kurt arriving on Heat and talking down to Coach. Stephanie then arrived and Kurt went to her locker room.
  • They then recap the kiss from Smackdown.


  • Shane is with Cole. He runs when he sees Blackman arrive.


  • There’s a recap of X-Pac putting Dogg through the table. Then Road Dogg does his usual spiel.


D-Generation X imploded, with Road Dogg facing X-Pac.

X-Pac v Road Dogg

Crowd loved Road Dogg so that’s something. I mean not enough something to make him good, but still something. 0-2

Winner: X-Pac after a low blow and an X-Factor.

  • X-Pac cuts a promo about no hard feelings but gets nailed with the pump handle slam. Sore loser.


  • We get a commercial for Vinnie’s Steakhouse in Raleigh because reasons.


  • Chyna (looking probably the best she would ever look) and Eddie talk backstage. Apparently one of them will get lucky tonight.
  • Trish tries to talk to Val about centerfolds but he’s only worried about the belt.


  • Raw is on at 11 tomorrow for some reason.

At SummerSlam 2000, Eddie Guerrero teamed with Chyna to defeat Val Venis & Trish Stratus.

Intergender Tag/Intercontinental Championship: Eddie Guerreo/Chyna v Trish Stratus/(C) Val Venis

Way better than I thought it would be. I like white gear Val. They kept the Trish/Chyna interaction limited and that helped tremendously. 1-3

Winner: Chyna after a Gorilla Press on Trish.


  • Footage of Cole from WWF New York with Foley on WWF Radio. Trish and Too Cool arrived. Foley was a comedic genius.


  • Steph is with Janet the make-up lady. They discuss the Kurt kiss.


  • Recap of the Tazz/JR feud. Tazz makes his entrance doing his JR impression.


Best Of Jerry “The King” Lawler | WWE Network Playlists

Tazz v Jerry Lawler

I like the work of these guys usually but they spent more time on the JR angle than the match. Shame. 1-4

Winner: Jerry after JR hit Tazz with a candy jar.


  • Lillian asks Shane about Angle/Stephanie but Blackman finds Shane again.


  • We get a recap of the 60 dudes that helped win Shane the belt on Raw.


WWE Photo

Hardcore Championship: (C) Shane McMahon v Steve Blackman

Blackman was a freak here and Shane was out of his mind. May have been a bit too much outside interference but the actual match portion was fun. The ending was good enough for a point by itself. 2-5

Winner: Blackman after a elbow drop from on high after Shane fell from the Tron.

  • Shane was taken out on a stretcher.


  • Stephanie is upset about Shane dying and Kurt arrives to console her. Foley busts in to make a pun though so it’s fine.


  • Recap of the Jericho/Benoit feud.


10 Fascinating WWE SummerSlam 2000 Facts – Page 2

2 out of 3 Falls: Chris Jericho v Chris Benoit

These two have never had a BAD match. It’s not my favorite of their never ending series but it was damn good by any measurement. 3-6

Winner: Benoit won Fall 3 with an inside cradle.


  • HHH arrives and they recap the Kurt/Stephanie deal again.


  • Recap of the Tag Title situation.


New ground was broken when WWE Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian defended the titles in the first Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match against The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz.

WWF Tag Team Championships/Tables, Ladders and Chairs/Triple Threat: (C) Edge/Christian v The Hardy Boyz (Matt/Jeff) v The Dudley Boyz (Bubba/D-Von)

Yeah, it holds up. One of the greatest car wreck matches in the history of wrestling. I’d give it 2 points if I could. The good shit right here. 4-7

Winners: The Champs retained after retrieving the belts.


  • HHH is having issues with his wife about the kiss. She blames Kurt. DRAMA.


  • Recap of the legendary Stinkface feud.


25 Lamest WWE SummerSlam Moments Of All Time – Page 14

Stinkface Match: The Kat (w/Al Snow) v Terri (w/Perry Saturn)

What do you think? 4-8

Winner: The Kat after a Stinkface.


  • The APA is at WWF New York getting drunk.


  • Shit, I forgot to mail my bill in twenty years ago for free Rock Sunglasses.


  • A recap of this chapter of the Kane/Undertaker feud.


10 Fascinating WWE SummerSlam 2000 Facts – Page 8

No Disqualification: Kane v The Undertaker

I didn’t particularly like this era for either dude and this match didn’t change my mind on it. 4-9

Winner: No Contest after Kane took off after his mask was removed, technically it never really started.


  • Kurt makes a call on his old ass cell phone to Stephanie who pretends it’s Linda. HHH tries to talk but for some reason “Linda” hung up.


  • Recap of the setup of the main event.


  • Kurt apologizes for not kissing Stephanie sooner. Calls out the passion of HHH. Oops.


WWE Photo

Triple Threat/WWF Championship: (C) The Rock v Kurt Angle v HHH

Considering they had to completely rethink the entire match after Angle got knocked loopy this was a really good match. You had to expect Rock and HHH to keep it together and they sure did. Hell of a main event. 5-10

Winner: Rock retained after a People’s Elbow on HHH.

  • Kurt carried Stephanie to the back after the match. Why did they drop the ball on a HHH face turn here?


SummerSlam 2000: photos | WWE

Final Tally? 5-10. Not the home run show I remember it being but times and tastes change. Still at less than 3 hours it wasn’t too bad.

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