September 26, 1981

New Episodes Of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Added To WWE ...

Commentary: Bob Caudle/ David Crockett


  • They announce Flair as new World Champion after he defeated Dusty Rhodes in Kansas City. Also Ole v Jay Youngblood is going down today. Jake Roberts and Leroy Brown as a team, Super Destroyer and the Grappler along with Austin Idol, Ron Bass and Slaughter are scheduled to appear.


  • Jake and Leroy Brown arrive. Jake is a Dynamite promo. Leroy is something in his own way. That something is not very good.


Austin Idol v Scott McGee

Actually a really solid match. Idol looked like a million bucks and McGee did a hell of a job. 1-1

Winner: Idol via the figure four. He called out Flair for half the match so there you go.


NWA Television Championship: (C) Ron Bass v Jim Nelson

Damn, another really solid match. Ron Bass was kind of awesome. Jim Nelson was OK for what this was as well. I dug it. Plus a Fargo (Roughhouse?) was the referee. 2-2

Winner: Bass with a running powerslam.


  • We get a tape of the next match.

Sgt. Slaughter v Frank Monte

Started out slow but then Sarge started whooping that ass. Hell of a squash here though. 3-3

Winner: Sarge with the Cobra Clutch. This era of Sarge was quite good.


  • David is with Scott McGee. Neither of these dudes should have ever been near a microphone ever. Woof.


The Grappler/Super Destroyer v Johnny Weaver/Ron Ritchie

Honestly? I enjoyed this way more than I thought. A really good southern style tag match. I’m all about this show tonight. 4-4

Winner: The heels following a Destroyer Superplex on Ritchie.

  • Jake Roberts is out to bitch about the pinfall not being legal. It’s none of your business Jake.
  • Winning team is with Bob talking shit about Jake. Yeah, he deserves it.


  • Time for the promo train!
  • Idol says a bunch of shit and wants Flair.
  • Ole dogs all the babyfaces.


Jake Roberts/Leroy Brown v Ricky Harris/Mike Miller

Man Jake would have been World Champion had he been built worth a shit. This was a fun little tag match that I had no issues with. 5-5

Winner: Leroy pinned Miller after a knee lift/splash combo.

  • Jim Nelson/Ricky Harris/Mike Miller are with David to complain. Nelson’s head would never get smaller no matter what country he pretended to be from.


Jay Youngblood v Ole Anderson

Honestly this fucked pretty hard until the interference of the Grappler. Ole was a great heel and Jay put the smackdown in with those chops. Good stuff. 6-6

Winner: Jay after a DQ when the Grappler interfered.

  • Jake Roberts/Ron Bass and Leroy Brown made the save.
  • All the babyfaces are with Bob and cut a hyped up promo that was in no way influenced by cocaine.


Overall Thoughts: Hell of a show from top to bottom. You  have to be in to a slower pace but damn it kinda over delivered for me.

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