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  • We get a Nitro recap before the program even starts. DDP issued a challenge to Nash and Savage on Monday for this very show.


January 15, 1998

Lakeland, Florida

Commentary: Mike Tenay, Lee Marshall and The Brain


  • We get a recap of the Giant/Nash angle where a performance bond needed to be put up for their upcoming match. Nash has to show up and Giant can’t touch him before the PPV. Sounds perfectly legal.


  • Tony interviews the Giant in the ring. He’s not worried about Nash. Lodi makes the mistake of showing up with an anti-Giant sign. The Flock attacks and poor Kidman gets tossed into Hammer in the crowd. That didn’t go well. Then Nash arrives in his sandles to get in the Giant’s grill. That didn’t work so then he tossed coffee in his face. Still no go.

WCW Thunder: The Best and Worst of January 15, 1998

  • Another Nitro recap. Apparently the nWo is having issues. I’m as shocked as you. Savage got fined $5,000 for hitting Bischoff who is still a WCW executive somehow. Savage and Nash will be teaming later in the night even though they aren’t getting along. WILL THE NWO BREAK UP?


Black Cat/Ohara/Gedo v The Steiners/Ray Traylor (w/Ted Dibiase)

Straight up squash for team Steiner. The story with Scott not being a good teammate was dumb as hell. Dude was killing fools. Why does he need to tag? Gedo getting murdered gets a point. 1-1

Winner: Team Steiner after the Screwdriver to Gedo.


  • WCW Saturday night commercial.


Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Onoo) v Ernest Miller

This was kinda alright. Nagata doing suplexes is something I can get behind. 2-2

Winner: Miller with the Feliner.

  • Onoo tries to attack but Miller misses some kicks by a mile to run him off. He either missed by a foot or murdered you at this point, no middle ground.


  • Tony is with JJ. They discuss DDP being attacked after Nitro. The mic goes out and DDP arrives because something has to happen. JJ is worried about liability issues. Page doesn’t care. Riveting legal action!


Louie Spicolli v Scott Hall

Hall does the survey. One more for the good guys. Louie kisses Hall’s ass and Larry Z arrives with a pep talk for him. Hall challenges Larry. Louie attacks the old man from behind but the plan backfires. Yeah let’s put this boring old golfer over anyone at this point. No match. I almost deduct a point out of spite.


  • Mongo McMichael beat Jericho on Nitro. Jericho then flips out and apologizes but then murders Rey for being there. Juvy runs him off though.


  • Jericho was only defending himself apparently and Rey was saying negative things about his family. Seems legit. Rey was being a selfish jerk as usual.


#1 Contender for Cruiserweight Championship: Chris Jericho v Eddie Guerrero

Not the best match they would have but still a really good one. Them both being heels was a cool twist though. Say 13 stars or whatever.  3-3

Winner: Jericho with the Lion Tamer.


  • Another Nitro recap. I should just do those shows and save myself the time. Jim Neidhart debuts and tells Flair that Bret is better. Flair then attacked Jim with Brass knuckles and did the ring post figure four until Bret made the save. Neidhart was fresh off DX making him look like a complete dumbass on the other show so things weren’t going well for him.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. v Bill Goldberg

Disco Inferno interrupts to dance. Chavo calls him a joke and instantly becomes my hero. Disco hits him with a Chart Buster though for this slight. Goldberg was expecting to kill someone so Disco eats a spear and jackhammer for his trouble. That’s two matches that didn’t happen now.


  • A recap of last Thursdays closing angle from Thunder that I recapped here. Hey, at least it’s not Nitro.


  • Bischoff and Hogan arrive. Lots of talking in circles but the gist is Hogan wants his belt back. Not their best promo to be sure. Gotta fill that airtime brother.


WCW World Cruiserweight Championship | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio Jr v (C) Juventud Guerrera

Hell of a match here. Both these dudes knew each other so well it was almost hard for them to not be entertaining. This is the good stuff. Rey just keeps plugging along. 4-4

Winner: Rey with a variation of the West Coast Pop.


  • Nitro recap again but it has 1998 Liz so I’ll allow it. Savage attacked Luger to set up our main tonight.


  • Hogan destroyed DDP’s knee before the match. What a trickster.


Macho Man/Kevin Nash (w/Miss Elizabeth and Hollywood Hogan) v Lex Luger/DDP

This was 99% storyline advancement but I can’t say I was bored with it. Hogan tried to keep his team together but failed. Still it was something to see. 5-5

Winner: Luger by DQ after the nWo interfered.



Final Tally? 5-5 This show is still all about recapping stuff we’ve already seen on the more important show. All the matches were fine this week though and we got a title change. Plus it was sun 2 hours and I’m about that.

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