Back to 1982.

Just added to WWE Network: WCCW 1987-88 | WWE

Dallas, Texas

Commentary: Gene Goodson and Fritz Von Erich

  • Gene kills all his credibility by declaring Fritz the number one wrestler in the world. Jesus.
  • They run down the card, which I still love.

Raul Castro v “Captain” Frank Dusek (w/Bill Irwin)

Well the tape is garbage, Fritz is bad on commentary, Dusek looked like shit and Castro isn’t good. Not a great start. 0-1

Winner: Dusek with a god awful looking DDT.

  • Gene is with Jose Lothario and “Big Daddy” Bundy. Jose believes Bundy can take Andre. Yeah man. Babyface Bundy is wild still.

“Wild” Bill Irwin (w/Frank Dusek) v Jesse “Relampago” Leon

Well it was better than the first match. Nothing flashy but they at least looked like trained wrestlers. What a high bar. 1-2

Winner: Bill with a second rope something or other. Maybe an elbow?

  • Gene is back, this time with Gary and Kabuki. Gary cuts a mean promo. Ninja style? He also drops in the word oriental in for added racist flare. This didn’t age well.

Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart) v Kerry Von Erich

Not a bad match. Kabuki used his tickle hold a lot but it was fine. Kerry’s back was one giant zit so you can guess how many steroids he was on. At least Fritz left the booth. 2-3

Winner: It was a double DQ due to Gary Hart and Fritz getting involved.

Carlos Zapata v Kevin Von Erich

Not much to this. Just a squash for Kevin. He looked alright and I wasn’t bored. 3-4

Winner: Kevin with a leg scissors.

American Tag Team Champions Armand Hussian/Tim Brooks v Jose Lothario/Tom Shaft

The weird two referee rule was in effect for what was a non title match. This had some really terribly hokey shit in it, especially from Hussian. Woof. 3-5

Winner: Another non finish, this time a time limit draw.

  • The crowd chants 5 more minutes. Idiots.
  • Gene tells us goodbye.

Just added to WWE Network: WCCW 1987-88 | WWE

Final Tally? 3-5 There was more individual stuff that I hated this week but it’s still hard to hate on a 45 minute show that was more good than bad.

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