There is a new king.

In non tournament action:

Shane Mercer answered and defeated Gary Jay in Gary’s Open Challenge.

Josh Crane Defeated Slade Porter.

Jake Crist retained the IWA World Championship over Lincoln Mosely.

Aaron Williams defeated Chris Dickinson in a No Hold’s Barred Match.


Round 2 of KOTDM:

Shlak defeated RSP in a Construction Deathmatch.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Jimmy Lloyd (replacing an injured Orin Veidt) in a Medieval Deathmatch.

Eric Ryan defeated Jeff King in a Panes of Glass match.

Dale Patricks defeated Aero Boy in a High Impact Tables match.


Semi Final of KOTDM:

Eric Ryan defeated John Wayne Murdoch in a Glass Castle Deathmatch.

Shlak defeated Dale Patricks in a Carnival Deathmatch. 


Non Tournament:

Tristen Ramsey defeated Eddy Only, BC Killer and Casanova Valentine in a Fans Bring the Weapons Fatal 4-way.



Eric Ryan defeated Shlak with help from RSP and Eddy Only in a Barbwire Cage House of Horrors Match to become the 2020 King of the Deathmatches.


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