Today we are going REALLY old school.


Dallas, Texas obviously.

Commentary: Gene Goodson and Jose Lothario

  • They actually run down the card which is always cool.


Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft v Carlos Zapata

So Shaft has a tough man gimmick. He hits an hilarious accidental Claymore while trying to do a drop kick. Woof. To say these guys were working light may be an understatement.  0-1

Winner: Shaft with an awful butt-butt.


  • Commentary is…not great. Jose is terrible.


The Monk v Big Daddy Bundy

Well, the Monk wasn’t very good and being in there with a green as grass Babyface Bundy didn’t do anyone any favors. Bundy with hair really throws me off. 0-2

Winner: Bundy out of a bearhug slam.



  • Gene interviews Tom Shaft. Brother looks like dude from Diggstown without the muscle tone. He has won several tough man competitions though so what do I know?


  • Gene is back, this time with Kevin and Kerry. They are both just… terrible promos. Like really bad. Glad Dad ran the place.



Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart) v Jesse “Relampago” Leon

I’ll say this, it was interesting. Kabuki is fucking crazy to watch. Like, he used a rest hold for half the match but it was different and wild. It looked like a very aggressive tickle hold. Leon wasn’t too bad either. He apparently kept it up until 2003 according to Cagematch. Congrats boys. 1-3

Winner: Kabuki with a second rope springboard fist drop.

  • Kabuki continues the attack after the match until Kerry makes the save after the jobbers fail.



Armand Hussian/Tim Brooks v Kevin/Kerry Von Erich

Hussian and Brooks are United States Tag champs but the titles weren’t on the line. I’d never seen Hussian but his Cagematch goes back to the 60’s. Kerry looks way less roided than he would later. There were two refs in the ring for this which was just weird. Kevin is wearing boots in another odd deal. Guess who the audience was for? This was alright mostly because of the crowd. 2-4

Winner: Von Erichs after a top rope sunset flip from Kevin on Brooks.

  • They continue the brawl afterwards but the Von Erichs stand tall. I’m as surprised as you.


  • Gene and Jose sign off after giving us a little preview of next week.


Just added to WWE Network: WCCW 1987-88 | WWE

Final Tally? 2-4 It was 45 minutes long and had 2 decent matches. I’m alright with that. It’s older stuff so your enjoyment may vary.


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