Here we go back in the way back machine to check out some WCW b-show action. 


January 8, 1998

Commentary: Tony Schiavone, Lee Marshall and The Brain

Daytona Beach, Florida


  • Away we go kids.


  • We are Starting off this very important mega-show with… a Nitro recap. Shockingly the nWo was having problems. So, the usual. Let’s kick off our brand new show with 10 minutes of recap stuff. Neat.


Chris Adams v Macho Man (w/Miss Eizabeth)

This was a 100% Savage murder until one mistake led to the ending. This gets a point because I love nWo Macho. 1-1

Winner: Chris Adams got the pin after a chairshot from Lex Luger.


  • Bischoff and Hogan have arrived. He didn’t lose the title yadda yadda. They will show the tape and all will be right with the world.


  • WCW Saturday Night commercial. That’s something I should start reviewing.


  • Mike Tenay is with JJ Dillon. Savage gets a reverse decision victory after JJ says WCW management has FINALLY decided to stop all the cheating. Luger is rightfully pissed. Like the nWo cheats for two straight years but it’s now suddenly an issue. WCW is sticking together now apparently. Sure.


Louie Spicolli v Rick Martel

The Flock arrive during the match. That was probably the highspot. Blah. Match meant nothing and I don’t like Louie. 1-2

Winner: Martel with the crab.


  • A recap of the Giant and Scott Hall Starrcade deal.


  • Mike Tenay joins the booth.


Tenzan v Ohara (w/Sonny Onoo)

I dug it. Two big dudes throwing bombs will generally get that point from me. Crowd didn’t give a shit though. 2-3

Winner: Tenzan with diving headbutt.


  • Recap of Bret Hart/Ric Flair promo from Nitro. Flair is offended that Bret says he’s better. He is though.


  • Jericho cuts a promo before the next match. At least it’s live. He brought Dave Penzer a new suit jacket to prove he’s a good dude and will never act like a jerk again.

Chris Jericho v Ric Flair

First singles match between the two. It was solid but you can see Jericho had some nerves out there. Still at least it was new content. 3-4

Winner: Flair with the Figure Four.

  • Jericho then throws another fit. The ratings must have been down or something.


Meng (w/Jimmy Hart) v the Giant

Sad to see the Dungeon of Doom at war. This was quick and fun. Big beefy boys going to war man. It rules. 4-5

Winner: Giant with a chokeslam.


Steve McMichael v Goldberg

A rematch from Starrcade. Goldberg was green as grass and Mongo was not the dude to carry him obviously. Big trash. 4-6

Winner: Goldberg via jackhammer.


Buff Bagwell/Konnan (w/Vincent) v The Steiners (w/Ted Dibiase)

The Steiners were the champs but this was non-title I guess. The ref held them up but no one seemed to care or ever mention it. The nWo group was terrible and the match suffered greatly for it. 4-7

Winner: The Steiners after a Scott top rope Frankensteiner on K-Dogg.


  • Old school Slim Jim ad. Oh yeah.


  • They then show Larry v Bischoff from Starrcade in IT’S FUCKING ENTIRETY. Jesus man. Did they run out of talent this week?


  • Tenay is back, this time with Larry Zbyszko in the worst shirt ever. I’m sure Hall was terrified of a 50 year old semi-pro golfer. Of course he brings his golf game up immediately as an intimidation tactic. Jesus Larry still bringing up Bruno even here. Screw WCW fans for cheering this dude sitting at a desk. He was boring when he was GOOD.


  • Yay. More old footage. This time it’s of Ray Traylor being attacked by the nWo months before. Riveting stuff.


Scott Hall v Ray Traylor

It was fine. I like both dudes so I was inclined to enjoy this. 5-8

Winner: Traylor gets it after Boss Man slam and Larry Z distraction


WCW World Cruiserweight Championship | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Cruiserweight Championship: Juventud Guerrera v (C) Ultimo Dragon

It was a WCW Cruiserweight match so it’s kinda spotty and sloppy in a couple spots but still fun. 6-9

Winner: Juvy wins the title with the 450.


  • Tenay is with the Hitman. Bret tries staying babyface for this. Flair arrives and cuts the same promo we saw earlier. This time though Bret is wearing sweet cowboy boots.


Scott Norton v Lex Luger

Well, I can say that this was something that happened. Missed me though. 6-10

Winner: Luger with the Rack.

  • Bagwell eats the rack after his buddy loses. Savage tries a chair attack and fails. The nWo looking like Keystone Cops out there.


  • We get the replay of the end of Starrcade Hogan and Sting match to “prove” a fast count happened. It did not do that. At all. Never would have happened had Sting (who was orange at this point with huge arms) would have gotten a tan and hit the gym. That’s still the story right?


  • More recap footage. Jesus. A “near riot” in Baltimore the night after Starrcade. Honestly the riot looks like every go home show for a royal rumble ever. My God.


Sting speaks for the first time in over a year: Thunder, January 8, 1998 |  WWE

  • JJ is with Tenay to make a decision about the title controversy. He calls Hogan out the rest of the gang joins him. Sting and the belt are asked to come out next. The title is held up and Sting has to hand over the belt. WCW fans couldn’t have anything nice. Sting finally speaks for the first time in forever and calls Hogan a dead man so there’s that. No wonder this company died. The good guys never won.


WCW United States Heavyweight Championship | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

United States Championship : (C) DDP v Kevin Nash (w/Hollywood Hogan)

This was slow and plodding as hell. I almost fell asleep like four times. Both guys are capable of way better. 6-11

Winner: DDP via DQ after a Hogan cheap shot.


  • The Giant arrives for a face off with Nash. They brawl until we run out of time and at least that was cool..




Final Tally? 6-11 It’s hard to believe this show had this many matches. Most of this thing just seemed like filler while watching it. I think that if they drop all the damn recaps and time filling shit I might enjoy it more. I literally haven’t watched most of these since the original airing so I’m going to give it a shot.


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