Saturday night a bunch of good people got together to help us raise money for both the Animal Shelter of Salem, Indiana and the Washington County Humane Society.


To be honest we exceeded our expectations on what we were able to donate and the amount of people that attended the event.

I want to publicly thank every single person that gave of their time and bodies to make this show a success.

This wasn’t meant to be a crazy work rate show or anything but everyone worked very hard and the stuff that was meant to be good was and the stuff that was meant to be fun was as well. I’m very proud of everything involved.

Could this show have been better? Yeah but every single thing on this show that didn’t come out the way I wanted was on me. Especially that weak ass chair shot on Ben and how lousy I did on commentary after not being live in forever and half buzzed/ all the way nervous.

I’m hoping everyone will get a chance to see this show soon. It’s not perfect but I’m proud of it. It was a labor of love and we did a little bit of good while still trying to keep both the wrestlers/show participants as safe as possible.

I keep getting questions about whether or not we will do another show. To be honest… I worked my butt off on this thing and so did my wife. I was exhausted, stressed and felt at times I wasn’t the happy guy I usually am. I got to the building at 9:30 am and didn’t leave until after 1 the next morning. So will I ever do this again? Are you kidding me?



Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Seriously. Love you folks.


If you missed it, here’s what went down (via Gary Wilson)

Hoodfoot Mo Atlas defeated Juicy Jimmy, BSTRD Cassidy, Big Beef Jake Garvin, Duke the Nuke, Big Cuz, Zodiak, and Drew Dillinger to win the Big Dog Scramble.

Larry D defeated Mike Roach in a Lights Out, No Disqualification Match. After the bout, Mike Roach announced his retirement from wrestling.

Aaron Williams defeated ATM (w/ Nikki Campbell) to win back ownership of the Road Home from Wrestling Podcast.

Big D won the Loyal Rumble. Other participants in the match included Billy Mattern, Apollo “Showtime” Garvin, Cluckey, Dalton Lakes, Chet Rippley, Miles Morales, Kris Demise, Dylan Derringer, Michael Mana, Percy Drews, Charlie Kruel, “Hollyhood” Haley J, Kayla Kassidy, Amazing Maria, Flash Thompson, Kobe, Paige Jones, Wade Kastle, Fire Dwarf, Chris Lotus, GoGo, Josh Richie, Mega Mondo, Trash Bradley, Icon Lee, Prima Donny, Piper GKFAM, Matt Atreya, Aaron Grider, Lucha Thug, and Big Cuz.

Loki (w/ Papa Kenway) defeated Matt Atreya (w/ Ben Shearin) in a Dog Food Match. Following the match, Atreya (who was competing in his farewell match) attacked Ben, then Papa Kenway put Ben in a sleeper, and then Chad French and family attacked Ben.

Nolan Edward defeated Shawn Kemp in a hard hitting Instant Reward match. With the victory, Edward was given an immediate title shot against Paradigm Champion Cole Radrick.

Cole Radrick defeated Nolan Edward to retain the Paradigm Championship, successfully completing his third defense of the title.

The returning Chase Holliday defeated Freddie Hudson, Bradley Prescott IV, Zay Washington, James Bandy, Lord Crewe, and Flash Thompson in a Ladder Match to become the inaugural Champion.

In the Tuesdays at 6 Championship Match, Billie Starkz vs Adam Slade ended in a no decision after a double pin. Mouse the photographer was then awarded the Tuesdays at 6 Championship.

Calvin Tankman defeated EFFY in the evening’s co-main event and show stealer.

In the final match of the evening, Levi Everett defeated John Wayne Murdoch in a wild Amish Street Fight.


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