11 matches, 2 food trucks, people bringing their dogs (doggy ice creams and a place to get their nails trimmed) and hopefully the best social distancing we can provide.


Big Dog Scramble: Juicy Jimmy v BSTRD v Beef Garvin v Drew Dillinger v Hoodfoot Mo Atlas v Duke the Nuke v Big Cuz v NEWLY ADDED Zodiak

No DQ: IMPACT WRESTLING’S Larry D v Mike Roach

Road Home Ownership on the line: ATM w/Nikki Campbell v Aaron Williams

The Loyal Rumble! There may be 30+ people in this thing.

Dog Food Match vs 5 Minutes with Ben: Matt Atreya w/Ben Shearin v Papa Kenway’s Mystery person

#1 Contendership to the Paradigm Championship (Winner face Cole Radrick IMMEDIATELY following): Nolan Edward vs “Midwest Mutt” Shawn Kemp

MWT Championship Ladder Match: Freddie Hudson v BPIV v Zay Washington v James Bandy v Lord Crewe v ??? v???

Tuesdays at 6/ Big Starkz Brand #NevaLost Championship: Billie Starkz v Adam Slade

Amish (Gravel?) Street Fight: Levi Everett v John Wayne Murdoch

MLW’s Calvin Tankman v EFFY!

Midwest Territory/Paradigm Pro Wrestling and tons more good folks bring you a wrestling show to benefit the Humane Society of Washington County and the Salem Animal Shelter.

General Admission $15 BUT if you donate anything that the shelter may need such as Food/Litter/Cleaning Supplies/Blankets ETC. tickets will only be $10!

Also ALL 2020 Graduates get in for only $5!

Get your tickets right here.

We will be following all Covid 19 standards and limiting seating. A food truck will be on hand if you get hungry, plus we will have someone on hand to do some doggie nail trimming for a donation so come out and enjoy yourselves.


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