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Collinsville, Illinois

Commentary: Greg Jovi and for a bit, Mat Fitchett

  • Now before we get too far into this thing here is the deal. If I enjoy the match it gets a point, if I don’t? It won’t. Wrestling is subjective and we aren’t always going to see eye to eye on what is good. I am not going to go out of my way to criticize anyone with these things but if someone fucks up I will probably mention it in passing. I am likely to praise people in the same way. Also I’m not doing play by play with these things so don’t expect a book. Just my opinion and that’s about it…unless I change my mind. You get it.

Blair Onyx v Kylie Rae

Unsurprisingly Kylie was super over. Pretty good opener with Blair being able to keep up with Kylie really well. I am super happy with how much better she has gotten. 1-1.

Winner: Kylie Rae

Allie Kat/Dan The Dad v Danhausen/Elayna Black

This is the kind of match that makes the star rating system dumb as hell. Was it technically good? I don’t know. Was it fun? Absolutely and isn’t that what we are all here for? If you like shenanigans then you will like this. 2-2

Winner: Allie and Dad

Jake Lander (w/Jake Something) v Ethan Price

I thought this was really good. Both kids are talented as hell and really brought a lot of energy in an attempt to stand out on this show. I feel it worked. Something being out there to be a dick really added a touch of old school Rasslin that I liked. I dug it, other than the ending making Sean the ref seem kind of dumb. 3-3

Winner: Jake Lander

United Glory Championship Match: (C)Halal Beefcake v The Riegel Twins v Alpha Omega v 4 Star Heroes

Halal Beefcake are stars man. This is what I would call a short, energetic cluster fuck. Good stuff all around for the time they had. 4-4

Winner: Halal Beefcake

Seishin v Hyan

Decent little match. Hyan looked super impressive and Seishin has been showing improvement in every match I’ve seen her in. 5-5

Winner: Hyan

  • OK so at this point you will notice all of these matches have been given a point. Can I guarantee this will happen in the future? No, I sure as hell can’t. But it could and that’s nice to see.

No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere: KLD v Nick Gage

The first thing I noticed after KLD’s massive pop for his entrance is that he looked way heavier than normal. I’m not positive how long he had been back from injury at this point but it didn’t seem to hurt him cardio-wise. This was a Nick Gage brawl folks, you know what you are getting and these two definitely delivered the goods. My only issue (and it’s a small one) is that a flaming table seems like a good place to end. Really good though 6-6.

Winner: KLD

  • After the match we set up the rematch. I’m here for it.

Suge D v Paco v Mike Outlaw

Considering the madness these guys had to follow they did a heck of a job here. Started slowish but built into something good. With the talent involved not hard to see why though. That’s right. 7-7

Winner: Outlaw

Manders v Barackus v Clayton Gainz v Jake Something

Yeah…well. This was a bit too long for me and poor Barackus looked like he might accidentally kill someone in a couple of spots. Everyone worked hard but I can’t like them all. 7-8

Winner: Jake Something

The Besties In The World (Dave Vega/Mat Fitchett) v Gymnasty Boys (White Mike/Timmy Lou Retton)

I almost deducted a point just because of the lack of energy from the crowd on the Besties entrance. Get on your feet people. This ridiculous match was mostly built around them spanking Fitchett for his Birthday. And if you think I’m going to sit here and endorse this brand of comedy on my wrestling shows YOU are 100% right. This was good shit. 8-9

Winner: Besties

  • After the match Vega got to give his partner his last Birthday swat. Good times.

Midwest Territory Championship Match: (C) Hakim Zane (w/Karam) v Kody Lane

This was going well until the DQ ending. I get that we were advancing stories along so it is what it was. 8-10 mostly due to the ending. Karam looked terrifying though.

Winner: Lane

  • After the match we almost get a brawl due to comments from Karam about KLD and his family.

Crown Of Glory Championship Match: (C) AJ Gray vs Chris Dickinson

This was as hard hitting and as fun as you would expect out of these two. Both guys seemed at the top of their games right here. It looked like AJ may have broken his nose on a suplex spot but other than that everything looked great. Hell of a contest. 9-11

Winner: AJ

Final Tally? 9-11, So this was what I would call a great show.

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