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1. What have you spent most of your time on since all of this changed things?

The only thing different with my old schedule is that I actually sleep at night now and my BitCoin Processing plant has been shut down; so not going to work. On top of that I am still watching my twin 21-month old babies Mon-Saturday while the wife works the essential gig.


2. What’s the thing you miss most right now?

EMERGE Wrestling.


3. What is the weirdest thing you have done since the quarantine to keep yourself sane?

I’ve been extensively researching UFOs, Aliens and DMT as of late.


4. What is the first thing you are doing when this is over?

Process more BitCoins aka go to work.


5. You somehow get to make the call, first wrestling show back…what do you want to see?

A packed house once it is publicly safe, of course.


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