As of this point this show is still going full steam ahead. We REALLY hope we don’t have to make adjustments to the date/card etc because we feel we have a great show lined up. Obviously everyone’s health is our first priority though. Here is what we have announced just SO FAR.








So far the Competitors are: Big D/ Charlie Kruel/ ZDP/Matt Atreya/ Mega Mondo/ Rich Dulmage/Wade Kastle/Go Go/Tony Dynamite/Miles Morales/Pizza Cat Jr., WILSON the Volleyball and Mike Roach but we have a lot more folks to announce for this one.




Plus we still have TONS more announcements to make as far as talent and matches go so stay tuned! INCLUDING our SECOND MAIN EVENT!

Also appearing:


Mad Man Pondo

Duke the Nuke

“Indestructible” Calvin Tankman

“Hoodfoot” Mo Atlas

*Possibly the Ghost of Chase Holliday

“The Shooter” Freddie Hudson

Joe “Trigga” Travis

Broadcast Team Member Lee G

Broadcast Team Member Doug Votaw

Big Cuz w/Andre

“Juicy” Jimmy

We still have a ton more talent to announce and matches to go with them. Keep an eye out!

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