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1. What have you spent most of your time on since all of this changed things?

I’ve been watching a lot of great promotions on IWTV and trying to make content for Bizarro Lucha fans. I did a watch along on our first event Hatching The Egg with a fan run podcast called BizarroCult. I’m also trying to get into a little video editing by posting clips from previous events and a silly Don’t Rush video.


2. Are BP IV’s checks cashing alright so far?

I got my envelope and beer tickets at both of our events since Bradley graduated with his associate’s degree (in only 6 years) from “business college”. I’m really looking forward to seeing what BP IV comes up with at Bizarro. He’s gotta be better than our previous owner James C Businessman.


3. What is the wildest thing you have seen in a Bizarro ring so far?

Where do I start? Pretty much everything is wild in the Luchaverse. I’m going with Nurse Ratchet’s debut, she had nurses throwing sparks and Malphas carried her to the ring in a body bag. It was probably the most WrestleMania entrance we’ve had.


4. What is the first thing you want to see in Bizarro when it comes back?

I want to see our fans bring their friends to our strange, sexy, unusual pro wrestling experience to show them that television wrestling isn’t the only option. We welcome EVERYONE to have a crazy time in a safe environment. How can someone not have a great time in a brewery?


5. Who on the roster will the rest of 2020 belong to if Bizarro (and the rest of the world) gets back to “normal”?

Since Atticus Cogar won the Unlucky 13 Rumble he has an opportunity to battle for the Luchaversal Championship whenever he chooses. Now that he has some sort of alliance with The Sorceress From The Black Moon Hawlee Cromwell, I’m not sure if Calvin Tankman can stop Cogar.


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