We all need a little distraction in these trying times. Also this website was not only built on my stupid opinions but also to help get the names of local guys/gals and companies out there the best way that I can to help out in any way I can. Now is one of those times.


Yep, gotta get them PAWCADE plugs in. July 11th if you forgot. Juicebox


1. What have you spent most of your time on since all of this changed things?

I’m being an essential member of society. You’re welcome.


2. What’s the thing you miss most right now?

I miss having a microphone in my hand and telling those inbred hicks in Indiana how I really feel about them. And leading my guys to success.


3. What is the weirdest thing you have done since the quarantine to keep yourself sane?

I haven’t really done anything weird honestly. I still get to go out into the world and live a little bit, being essential and everything unlike most of you idiots.


4. What is the first thing you are doing when this is over?

The first thing I’m going to do once this is all over is get my ass to a wrestling show and smack someone in their stupid mouth. I can’t wait for that.


5. You somehow get to make the call, first wrestling show back…what do you want to see?

I’d love to smack those stupid glasses off of Papa Kenway’s face sooner rather than later. But if I have to wait until PAWCADE I will, but that’d be my first thing to do if I made the call.


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