We all need a little distraction in these trying times. Also this website was not only built on my stupid opinions but also to help get the names of local guys and companies out there the best way that I can to help out in any way I can. Now is one of those times.



1. What have you spent most of your time on since all of this changed things?

My wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, so we’ve been doing that and watching a whole lot of television. I think I’ve watched more TV in the last three weeks than I did all of last year. Getting real nerdy with it to be real. In the last few weeks, I’ve watched the entirety of Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and The Orville. Also working my way through a lot of HBO’s back catalog such as The Deuce, True Detective.


2. What’s the thing you miss most right now?

Leaving the house haha. We don’t normally eat at home a lot, so I really miss going out to restaurants. I could also really use a trip to the casino or Vegas, right before this hit we spent a weekend at a casino in Michigan City, and I’m looking forward to getting back to a blackjack table. 

I also miss MMA and empty arena wrestling doesn’t do much for me (although Mania was good). I’ve read that Dana White has apparently secured an island for the sake of hosting MMA fights. That sounds really socially irresponsible and like something a James Bond villain would do, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t watch it. And as soon as I can, I can’t wait to be able to get back to going to shows and such.


3. What is the weirdest thing you have done since the quarantine to keep yourself sane?

Like most of the rest of the nation, I watched Tiger King in one setting and it was amazing. Other than that I’ve been playing some old N64 and Sega Game Gear games that I hadn’t thought about in years such as No Mercy and Sonic Chaos. I beat Sonic Chaos yesterday, which I’d been unable to do as a child, so I guess I’ve got that going for me. 


4. How excited for you to get to your new version of Heavy Hitters?

So hyped man. Canceling the initially scheduled show was extremely tough. We’d never had to cancel a show, we came close in January when we lost Malice Manor as a venue, but we recovered and managed to secure the American Legion as a venue about 10 days before that show. We pride ourselves on being survivors, but there was no socially responsible alternative to canceling the show.

But we’ve got it rescheduled for Friday, July 24th at the American Legion in Sellersburg, and we’ve got some big things planned. 

Last Friday night I was bored, and writing out the show. And then I got an idea to make the show even more ridiculous, so I brought it up in our PPW group chat and the responses ranged from “I don’t hate it” to “I love it”, which is actually an unusual amount of agreement for us haha. And as Cam said, “Indie wrestling needs a clustefuck when it comes back,” so we’re rolling with it.

We haven’t done the full media roll-out yet, so for those who don’t know, the coronavirus situation has shortened our annual event calendar, so we’re essentially combining three concepts (the UWFi Rules Grand Prix, Heavy Hitters, and a new Brawl for All concept) into one giant super show. 

Tournament entrants may now pick their own rule set and compete under Hardcore Rules, UWFi Rules, or Brawl for All Rules.

Hardcore Rules are simple – anything goes and the use of foreign objects such as folding chairs, tables, and trash cans is encouraged! 

UWFi Rules, we used in November at the PPW Grand Prix. They’re named for the defunct Japanese wrestling promotion the Union of Wrestling Forces International, a hybrid of traditional professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Under UWFi rules, there are no pinfalls – matches may only be won via knock-out, TKO, submission, or via points.  The UWFi style is widely considered to be a precursor to the modern MMA style. 

Brawl for All Rules are another unique hybrid between professional wrestling and traditional combat sports. First sanctioned by the then-WWF in a tournament held in the summer of 1998, Brawl for All Rules permit both traditional boxing strikes and wrestling-style takedowns over the course of three rounds. The initial Brawl for All Tournament is the subject of an upcoming episode of Vice’s documentary series Dark Side of the Ring.

The main featured contest will be a rematch between UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and Matthew Justice under hardcore street fight rules. Then we’ll also have Erick Stevens vs Reed Bentley under UWFi Rules, Flash Thompson vs John Wayne Murdoch under Brawl for All Rules, and a whole lot of crazy stuff to be announced in the coming weeks. 


5. Do you think that even with all the changes with you having more time to think on it that this version may be better than the one you had to cancel?

Yes, quite possibly. That said, I hate having to make changes to announced cards and talent line-ups. As far as the talent that can’t make the rescheduled show, we’ll get Tom Lawlor in a PPW ring as soon as possible, and Gary Jay, WARHORSE, and Dominic Garrini will all be back soon. Scheduling conflicts were just impossible to avoid with moving a show with this many high profile guys.

But then the guys we’ve gotten to replace them are all killers and first round draft picks. Kevin Ku is stepping in for his tag team partner Dominic Garrini, and we’ve finally got a healthy John Wayne Murdoch back as his injuries have healed. They will both do great. 

Then we’re bringing back Erick Stevens. Stevens is very passionate about the UWFi style, and helped to agent the Grand Prix tournament, so I’m really, really excited that he decided not to retire and that we can have him there. Dude is great. And Chris Dickinson, who has been one of my favorite guys on the Indies since like 2013. I can’t announce his match yet, but it’ll be a show stealer.


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