September 12, 1981

New Episodes Of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Added To WWE ...

Commentary: Bob Caudle and the super talented and not at all here via nepotism David Crockett


  • This intro music is disco as fuck y’all. I dig it.


  • So some house cleaning. Ron Bass is new NWA TV champ and Wahoo and Piper are banned from TV because they can’t keep their hands to themselves.


  • Babyface Ron Bass is out and he is for the children.


  • Hot newcomer Sgt. slaughter will be here. Should be interesting.


Jim Nelson/Mike Miller v Ricky Steamboat/Jake Roberts

No one has knee pads on except skinny ass Jake who needed all the bulk he could get. He never was a body guy but wow this dude was skinny as hell. He is quick here though. Mike Miller looks like Barry Windham after he let himself go. Nelson looks like bootleg bBob Backlund. Some nice tandem offense from the guys you know. It was energetic and weird. Good enough 1-1.

Winner: Jake pins Nelson after a back suplex.


Mid-Atalantic Champion Ivan Koloff v Terry Latham

I’d never seen Terry before and did not like his chances here. Regardless the brother breaks out a cartwheel in there to surprise me. When he got flurries of offense the match was good but when the Bear took over it was eh. Nothing to see here really. 1-2

Winner: Koloff won by riding Latham down with his knee in the back of his neck from the top. Looked odd and potentially dangerous.


  • Bob and David introduce the edited Wahoo/Piper tape.
  • So Piper distracted Wahoo and Abdullah arrives to attack with the fork. Job squad tries to save but fails. Tommy Young takes a good bump. Abby looked dangerous and Wahoo bled a lot.


Don Kernidle/Scott McGhee v Super Destroyer/ The Grappler

This was definitely a match that happened. Basic, simple southern style tag match where nothing was bad but nothing was going to blow your mind or anything. If this is the kind of thing you like them here you go. I like tag wrestling so sue me 2-3.

Winner: Destroyer picked up the win for his team with a superplex on Scott.


  • Jake and Ricky join Bob. Jake’s cowboy hat fucks. Ricky’s promo was trash and Jake was Jake. Both guys would improve at this, Jake more than Ricky as far as promos go.



  • Jay Youngblood and Ron Bass are out now. Bass is ready for a challenge meanwhile I don’t want to say Jay was fucked up but I don’t don’t want to say it either.


Sgt Slaughter v Mike Davis

I might as well mention it now. Periodically throughout the show they do what I’m sure was a high tech special effect at the time where the screen goes black and yellow and you can’t see shit. Be prepared. Man slaughter fucked this dude up from the opening bell. Young and fast slaughter was fire. Ole comes out and talks up Sarge on commentary for some reason. They literally don’t follow up on it following the match. This was good. 3-4

Winner: Sarge with a Cobra Clutch that Davis stayed in way too long.


Pre-Taped Match: Abdullah the Butcher (w/ Roddy Piper) v Ron Ritchie

Do you like murder? This was that. Abby was all over this dude and I didn’t have to watch him bleed. Good enough for a point. 4-5

Winner: Abby via a couple vicious elbow drops.


Ron Bass/ Jay Youngblood v Ricky Harris/ Ali Bey

Started out slow but got way better and more competitive than I thought it would be. Harris and Bey were up to having a decent match and everyone worked hard out there. Ron Bass as a babyface throws me off a bit but this was kind of fun and I dug it 5-6.

Winner: Bass got win after a running powerslam on Harris.


  • Promo Parade time with Bob. Heel edition.
  • Ivan says some complimentary stuff about fellow heels. Not great.
  • Austin Idol claims women are boycotting the shows because he hasn’t been on them. Also pregnant women hope their babies look like him. He may not be wrong.
  • Sarge renames Bob into Jack. Sarge is looking for competition. He demanded respect and then spells it so wrong that Bob laughs. Sarge played it off well though.


Overall Thoughts: In 45 minutes they had 6 matches, got angles over and put over new people. Love it man. I’ll be back for more.


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