We added another last night…


AMISH STREET FIGHT: Levi Everett v “The Duke of Hardcore” John Wayne Murdoch

Wait…aren’t they the same guy?: “No Flinch” Nolan Edward v The Kenway

The Loyal Rumble Who’s a Good Boy Battle Royal: So far the Competitors are Big D/ Charlie Kruel/ ZDP/Matt Atreya/ Mega Mondo/ Rich Dulmage and Wade Kastle but we have a lot more folks to announce for this one.

*Flag Match: ATM w/Nikki Campbell (Kentucky) v Johnathan Wolf (Indiana)/ Special Referee Aaron Grider/ Time Keeper Charlie Kruel

*Dog Food v 5 Minutes with Ben: Rudo La Motta w/Ben Shearin v Papa Kenway’s Mystery Opponent.


Plus we still have TONS more announcements to make as far as talent and matches go so stay tuned! INCLUDING our SECOND MAIN EVENT!

Also appearing:


Mad Man Pondo

Duke the Nuke

“Indestructible” Calvin Tankman

“The Deal” Adam Slade

“Hoodfoot” Mo Atlas

*Possibly the Ghost of Chase Holliday

“Space Jesus” Billie Starkz

“The Shooter” Freddie Hudson

“Wildheart” Cole Radrick Cole has a family thing that day and sadly won’t be able to attend. We still love Cole though…except Sophia.

Joe “Trigga” Travis

Broadcast Team Member Lee G

Broadcast Team Member Doug Votaw

Miles Morales

Pizza Cat Jr.

Big Cuz w/Andre

“Juicy” Jimmy



We still have a ton more talent to announce and matches to go with them. Keep an eye out!

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