Hell of a show from Paradigm last night.

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On the Pre-Adigm:

8 man Scramble was won by Campbell Myers who then joined the Premier (Kenway, Shire, Jackson) who were scouting talent.

There was a debate for the commissioner-ship of  Preadigm between Heater and Hoodfoot. Hoodfoot was the crowd favorite because he’s fucking awesome.

Levi Everett beat Peyton Polson.

On the Main Show…

Nolan Edward defeated Cyrus Satin for the first time ever.

Don Garrini defeated Flash Thompson in a UWFI rules match via ref stoppage. I had it scored 11-9 Dom before the submission was locked in.

D-D-Trash (Ron Mathis & Bruce Grey) retained the PPW Tag titles over
OAO (Hunter Law & Tory Hollywood).

“The Pit Bull” Brett Ison won a 4- way over “All Business” James Bandy, “Indestructible” Calvin Tankman and Juicy Jimmy to win a “Wish” at PPW. After the match Jimmy thanked the fans before Father fear and Derek Neal to run him down and attack him while insulting PPW.

Myron Reed defeated Mance Warner with a lot of help from his friends.

The Premier (Kenway, Shire, Jackson w/Myers) defeated  IFHY (Allie Kat, Billie Starkz & Shawn Kemp).

Matt Justice defeated Bobby Beverly. During the match PPW Champion Cole stole his belt back from Bev.

Freddie Hudson defeated Snoop Strikes. He paid for it following the match when he suffered a beating from Snoop, Myron and the Volunteer Fireman before Dominic Garrini made the save and laid out a challenge for a tag match.

AJ Gray defeated Effy in a main event banger.


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