A great tournament and show…

Results done from my phone due to exhaustion. So if they look funny that’s why.

IFHY defeated The Lost Boys

The Kenway defeated Gnarls Garvin

Everett Connors defeated Sean Orleans in a “dunk contest”.

First Round: Gary Jay over Erick Stevens

* Jeremy Wyatt cut a promo. Evan Gelistico interrupted to set up a title match.

First Round: Aaron Williams defeated Brett Ison

Curt Stallion defeated Jake Dirden

Daniel Makabe defeated Thomas Shire

Viking War Party defeated the Hooligans in their farewell match. Good send off following.

Semi final: Gary Jay over Aaron Williams

Semi final: Makabe defeated Curt Stallion

Angelus Layne/Christian Rose defeated Billie Starz/Everett Connor

Jeremy Wyatt defeated Evan Gelistico to retain the Gateway Heritage Championship.

Tournament Final: Gary Jay defeated Daniel Makabe

* Gary then calls out Wyatt and we get a locker room clearing brawl to end the show.

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