I know this is further south than we usually go but it’s a benefit show folks. If you can get out to support it please do so.

30 man over the top Scenic City Rumble Match the winner will receive a spot in the 2020 SCI Tournament AND the opportunity to choose their first round opponent from the field of competitors.

B-Boy v “The Pitbull” Brett Ison.

Tables Match: Jaden Newman & Erron Wade v AC Mack & Lutha X

Team SCI (Cabana Man Dan, Mr. Brickster, Lee Johnson) v Wicked Nemesis’ Lost Cause (Orion Bishop, Clyde Braddock, and Adam Priest)

Benjamin Carter v Blake Christian

O’Shay Edwards v Gnarls Garvin

Kevin Ku v Johnathan Wolf

Nick Iggy v Manders


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