Another one.



* Edit: Almost forgot. Trigga is your THIRD Loyal Rumble participant!

Trigga joins PPW Champion “Wildheart” Cole Radrick as the latest two announced talents. The updated list are as follows…

“The Duke of Hardcore” John Wayne Murdoch

The Kenway

“The Deal” Adam Slade

Levi Everett

“Hoodfoot” Mo Atlas

*Possibly the Ghost of Chase Holliday

“Suntanned Southern Man” Austin Tyler Morris

Nikki Campbell

Big D

“Gypsy Scum” Nolan Edwards

“Space Jesus” Billie Starkz

Rudo LaMotta w/Ben Shearin

“Maniac” Charlie Kruel

“The Shooter” Freddie Hudson

“Wildheart” Cole Radrick

Joe “Trigga” Travis

and our first Broadcast Team Member Lee G!

We still have a ton more talent to announce and matches to go with them. Keep an eye out!

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