Thanks to our friends from Road Home for taking notes while I tweeted stuff.

Pre-Adigm show:

Camaro Jackson defeated Reilly McGuire. Matt Kenway helped beat down Reilly after the match.


  • Bradley Prescott hosted a lost boys game show, this erupted into a match because wrestling is dumb.

Slade/Hoodfoot representing the Lost Boys defeated Twan Tucker and Arthur McArthur.


Juicy Jimmy defeated Peyton Poison.


Main Card:

Warhorse retained the IWTV Championship over BPIV.


Bret Ison defeated Shawn Kemp.


DD-Trash won the vacant Tag Team titles over the Awesome Odyssey.


The Kenway w/Camaro defeated Billie Starkz. After the match Kenway introduced Thomas Shire as the newest member to his group.


Calvin Tankman defeated Thomas Shire.


Reed Bentley defeated Freddie Hudson. Reed then called out Tom Lawlor for Heavy Hitters.


  • Next month AJ Gray returns to fight EFFY.


Tre Lamar defeated Zay Washington.


Cole Radrick retained the PPW Championship over Dominic Garrini. The Bev attacked Cole after the match, stole the belt and left Billie Starkz, Miles Morales and PPW co-Owner Gary beaten down on his way out.


Nolan Edwards defeated John Wayne Murdoch in a Hardcore Match.


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