Or, The Assassination of Ben Shearin by the coward Daniel Spencer.

Jmo (OPW) defeated Josh Rupiper (Foundation) to be able to select the first match in the best of series to control OPW.


Lukas Jacobs defeated Jacob Black in a Chairs Match. OPW 1-0


Rudo LaMotta defeated Mickey Midas in a Lumberjack Match. 1-1


Chet Ripley defeated Piper


Omega defeated Sage Philips in a KO/Tapout Match. Foundation 2-1


Dewey Wellington defeated Prima Donny, Miles Morales and Chris Allen in a Ladder Match to claim an OPW Championship Match Contract.


Trigga Travis defeated ZDP. 2-2


Randall Floyd defeated OPW Champion Logan James by DQ. Referee Daniel had been favoring the Foundation all evening but swerved Commissioner Ben by disqualifying Logan after a belt shot.


With that DQ it gave Team OPW a 3-2 victory so they were to receive 5 minutes alone with Ben. Ben begged off and Josh Growe told him the 5 minutes would be waved if he gave up his commissioner’s job. He did and then was attacked by Trigga Travis, and referees Daniel and Sean before being rolled to the back.


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