No, we aren’t starting another company. This is a benefit show.


In July we will be hosting a show to benefit the Humane Society of Washington County Indiana. They are a no kill shelter that gets not nearly the funding they deserve as it is purely a donation based operation. That is where we hope to come in. Right now we are working on getting all our eggs in a basket and ready for this show. This is a real passion project for the wife and hopefully we can make this happen not just for her but our little furry family members as well.

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Our friends with Paradigm Pro Wrestling and Malice Manor have been kind enough to help us out with a building for the event but there is still a lot to be done.  If ANYONE would like to help out in ANY way hit me up on Twitter.

If anyone would like to donate anything for the shelter now the information to reach them is right here.



Thanks folks. I will update you as more information comes down. Until then keep July 11th open on your calendar!