Jeffersonville, Indiana

Commentators: Bro Rogan, Jay Mendoza

With the big UWFI inspired show coming up Friday (tickets available here) I figured I would go back and review a couple of the PPW shows that I wasn’t able to attend. This show and more are available right here.


  • Corey Storm arrives with a mic to start us off. He calls out PPW’s Doug Votaw to the ring. Corey states that this would be his last night in PPW and wants Myron Reed before he goes. Doug then calls out Myron. Myron and his terrible pants arrive. Myron is down to fight and give up his title shot for the night. Myron kicks him in the dick to seal the deal. The PPW title match is changed to AJ Gray vs Ace Austin.
  • J-Rose arrives and gets the crowd hype to start the show proper.


6-Man Scramble: Blake 182 vs Robbie Keto vs Zay Washington vs Timothy Savage vs Bruce Grey vs Flash Thompson

Blake and Bruce did a tie up around the entire area to start leaving everyone else to fight it out in the ring. Interesting strategy. Everyone else gets a chance to get their shit in until they return to finally break. We get some floor dive action and then everyone fights over who gets to superplex Zay. Grey finally wins that battle but ends up getting shoved off by Zay. Zay’s luck continued by missing a Frog Splash. Well…at least it wasn’t the Tower of Doom spot. Flash then nails Zay with a splash only to be hit with a Swanton by Blake in his purple onesie he needs to lose immediately. Everybody starts trading off being in control for a second with random shit. This was a scramble match man, if you like that match setup you will like this. All these kids busted ass out there.

Winner: Blake 182 via a twisting splash on Savage.


Freddie Hudson vs Lexus Montez

They start out with some grappling action. Lexus goes for kicks and Freddie goes for take downs. Good back and forth stuff early on. Lexus does some rolls and finally lands some strikes to take Freddie down. Let’s go Freddie chant didn’t help much as Lexus takes control with simple shit. Lexus stays in control with strikes until Freddie nails a big forearm of his own followed by a German and a Shining Wizard for 2. Lexus regains control with a Fireman’s Cary into a Gutbuster and an elevated DDT for 2. Both guys are looking good so far. Freddie locks in the Rear Naked Choke but Lexus counters that into the Bret pin for another 2 count. Lexus missed a kick and gets caught in an ankle lock which he manages to escape…right into another choke. Nothing world changing here but a really solid match between these two guys. I like this style so I had fun with it.

Winner: Freddie Hudson via Rear naked Choke. 

  • Respect is shown after the match.


Spirit of Detroit (Jontae and Cassidy Keith) vs Awesome Odyssey (Jack Andrews and Chris Copeland)

The Odyssey jump start things and take the Spirit down. They follow up with stereo Suicide dives to the floor and the SOD can’t get out of the gate early. There is a PPW chant because apparently even though there are 36 promotions running in the building people have never seen a dive before. It be like that sometimes I guess. Oh, and NOW the bell rings. Now Jontae takes command and dumps both members of Odyssey followed by a dive of his own. Cassidy then teases a dive which fakes out the Odyssey enough for him to hit a Trust fall on them when they turn around. He mostly got the bottom of their legs on that which kind of worried me. We still can’t get only 2 guys in the ring as everyone just keeps throwing bombs. Copeland tries a Poison Rana on Cassidy but gets caught as both dudes almost hit the mat. Cassidy is able to save it though and set up a Doomsday Sliced Bread. Cassidy gets left alone after Jontae is dumped to the floor and gets caught with a variation of a Chicken Wing by Copeland. Cassidy catches both members of the Odyssey leaping off the top to show his strength. As he turns Jontae takes everyone down with a Meteora on Andrews. This gets a holy shit chant. Yep. Everyone is down and then they come to life at the same time to trade bombs again. Jontae his a standing sliced bread to show off a bit. Andrews counters with a neckbreaker variant. Cassidy looks to put on a Gory Special but shifts it into a cutter which is a cool move. Copeland takes out Cassidy with a huge Codebreaker. Jontae locks a Figure Four on Andrews in a move that is always appreciated but seems to have zero place in the match they have had so far. Cope nails (kinda) a splash on Jontae to save his partner’s knee. He then gets the pin off of that. Well, this was something. It was essentially a Tornado Tag but no one called it that so it was basically just a brawl without weapons. Good debut for SOD and the crowd seemed into it so I guess that’s what matters. I really didn’t think the ending fit but that’s probably just me.

Winner: Awesome Odyssey via Copeland splash on Jontae. 


Paradigm Championship: Ace Austin vs (C) AJ Gray

AJ shows pretty early he has the strength advantage. Meanwhile Ace has the quickness. They feel each other out early. Both guys hit some stuff and it gets serious after AJ hits a T-bone and goes for the Lariat. Ace is able to avoid the champ and nail him with a giant monkey flip and seated dropkick which earns him a 2. He then locks in a rear chinlock which aJ fights out of. Ace catches him coming in charging though and lays in some shots. He gets another 2 off a springboard splash. He continues the beating until AJ escapes and hits a spinning heel kick to Ace’s face and earn a breather. Both guys get back to their feet and AJ starts laying in some Axe Bombers to take Ace down. He follows that up with a one man Flapjack and a bridging German Suplex for 2. Ace maybe dead. Screwdriver gets countered into a rollup from Ace so I guess he survived. A head kick and knee lead to Ace calling for Ace’s Up. He then nails a knee and a big head kick to get a looong 2 on the champ. Ace finds no water in the pool on a reverse splash so we are back at step one. Ace regains composure first to beat on the champ. Ace whips AJ across the ring but walks right in to a Sky High for 2. Ace is able to counter the Screwdriver one more time with a Trouble in Paradise. This time Ace nails the reverse splash but it only gets him a 2. Ace pulls the ace from his sleeve but takes way too long to do it and walks into a Lariat and the Screwdriver. Really good match from both guys. This felt like a heavyweight tile match and a big deal. Good stuff.

Winner: AJ Gray via the Screwdriver. 


Fatal 4-way Number One Contendership: James Bandy vs Mo Atlas vs Cole Radrick vs Bradley Prescott IV

Hoodfoot wins the theme song battle by a fucking mile. Careless Whisper is my shit. I hate seeing members of the Lost Boys going at it man, hopefully BP IV and Mo are OK now. Speaking of not being OK, before J-Rose even gets BP IV’s intro out or the bell rings Bandy kicks Bradley’s god damn head into the crowd. Pour out a Natty for my homie. Bandy rules. He confirms my suspicion by then nailing a beautiful standing dropkick taking Mo out. Cole is about to get involved and dive but Bradley’s drunk ass pulls the rope so he goes out. Bradley then (with beer in hand, the man is a pro after all) grabs the hand of the official to rope walk into a dive. Cole finally gets that dive and takes everyone down to the approval of the crowd. He then out wrestles BP IV’s drunk ass until he is left alone in the ring. Hoodfoot then arrives to nail him with a splash and a backbreaker for his turn at ruling the roost. Bandy comes back but he too catches that splash from Mo. Mo then calls for one more time but learns the folly of loudly calling spots in the ring and gets caught by Bandy. Cole tries to attack but yelling like a dork only gets him tossed by Bandy into Mo. Terrible strategy guys. Bandy gets a 2 on Cole after that madness. Mo takes a big forearm from Bandy after his Lost Boy Pal Bradley ducks it. Not a good couple of minutes for Mo. Bradley shows his concern by nailing both Mo and Bandy with Stunners at the same time. He was very happy about it. Keg stand to Mo. He went for one on Bandy but he rolled to the floor. At this point in the story our drunken hero decides it’s a good idea to yell “Bookayasha” and try a Rana on a guy that powerbombs people on the apron. I’ll let you figure out where that goes. Mo tries to save his buddy but loses that fight and gets kicked into the crowd. Cole manages to stem the tide of Bandy with a kick to the face and cannonball of the apron. He then dives onto Mo, who was just minding his business in a chair in the crowd. He then rolls Bradley back in and falls victim to a Keg Tap for 2. It’s down to Bandy (who made the save) and Bradley. Bandy murders him with a Fisherman’s Buster but Mo makes the save. Bandy and Mo trade some big shots back and forth. Mo goes for a ripcord and nails a huge lariat that could have been 3 if not for Cole. We get a showdown between Mo and Cole which leads to Cole getting the Springboard Stunner, knees to the back of the head and the number one contender slot. This was good. It did fall in to the “you two guys wrestle” stuff a bit too much but they made it entertaining, Big win for Cole and he gets his title shot next Friday night.

Winner: Cole Radrick via knees to the skull. 


Lee Moriarty vs Calvin Tankman

Both dudes go at it on the mat early on. Moriarty tries a kick but ends up getting murdered with chops instead. Lee tries to fight back with some palm strikes but um…that didn’t work and Calvin tosses him back in for more abuse. This was all Calvin until he got a little cocky and found himself shoulder first into the post and on the floor. Moriarty tries to follow up with a springboard dive to the floor but gets caught and chopped AGAIN by Calvin. Not a good night to be Lee’s chest. Lee is able to counter Calvin driving him in to the post by doing it Calvin first after slipping off the big guy’s shoulder. He follows that up with a top rope double stomp to the arm of Calvin. They start trading shots in the middle and that doesn’t go well for lee as Calvin kicks his chest in. Lee somehow kicks out at 2. Calvin starts the chops again and then drops Lee with a clothesline. He tries a one foot pin but that just gets him kicked by Lee. Didn’t help though, Lee got knocked down again. Lee keeps fighting back though cause he’s a bad man but damn. He then SLAPS Calvin in what I might call a mistake. I was wrong though, Lee fights back with everything he had including a 619. Lee got caught on a springboard but Calvin held him for too long and caught a Tornado DDT for his trouble. Lee tried to stay ahead of the big man but caught with a back breaker and a giant lariat for a 2 count. Son of a bitch. Calvin goes for a powerbomb but Lee slides out and kicks Calvin’s injured wrist to create some breathing room. He then nails the big man with a pump kick and a hammerlock take down for 2. Calvin kicked out right into an armbar and small joint manipulation. He is able to escape though and nails a powerbomb and Tankman Driver to end that shit. This was a FUCKING FIGHT y’all and if you don’t think I loved this you haven’t read my shit before. Top notch, both these dudes are stars man.

Winner: Calvin Tankman via Tankman Driver.

  • We get a handshake from Calvin.


  • This is the part of the show where it’s getting late and have to get up in the morning. Probably not so much play by play as just random thoughts.
  • Matt Justice introduces his mystery partner for the night. The belts are not on the line per management.


The Death Dealers (Brett Ison and William Brewer) vs PPW Tag Champion Matthew Justice and Ron Mathis (with Bobby Beverly)

They start out in a wild brawl and the bell rings with no one in the ring. We finally settled down into a regular tag match for a bit. Bev assists where he can and the rules seemed to be just suggestions at best. This was fine and entertaining for what it was I just wish they would have decided on either a wild brawl or a tag match. This was kind of both at times. Everyone worked hard though and the PPW crowd likes it so really that’s all that matters.

Winner: The Death Dealers via Underhook Piledriver from Ison to Mathis.


Falls Count Anywhere: Corey Storm vs Myron Reed

Shockingly they brawl before the bell. Kind of a recurring theme tonight. These guys fought all over the Arena before they even made it into the ring. Both of these guys were playing the hits with this one and that’s not necessarily a bad thing especially when the extra emotion is involved. Doug overturning the ref’s decision after Myron pinned Corey with the foot on the ropes was garbage.How many times has that needed to happen and didn’t? Like I get that this is a big deal but… anyway the kids surrounding the ring is a fun touch. Not sure I would have the guy that’s leaving go over the guy that is able to stay around but it’s not my show. Good for Corey though and it was a really fun and emotional match.

Winner: Corey Storm got the win after a Cutter. 

  • Corey gets chants from the crowd and a hug from Myron.


Overall Thoughts: A really solid show overall from PPW. Calvin/Lee was great, Freddie/Lexus was really good. Myron and Corey had a heck of a match that told a great story. Nothing really stunk the joint out and a couple of hours went by pretty quick. Check it out on the link above.


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