Not a lot of 5 questions left in the tank folks. Today’s edition is two guys at the helm of Optimum Pro Wrestling that just can’t seem to get on the same page. I was able to get with both of them today to discuss the huge show they have coming up Friday night. It was kind of eye opening to be honest…

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Thanks to both of you for joining me today. Let’s go ahead and jump in.


1: There has been a lot of back and forth over social media about this show. So I will just come out and ask… Josh why the shot at Ben with the show name?

Josh Growe: I feel like it all started when Ben was doing a crappy job as a referee, at the time I had the power to take those privileges away from him. He stated to managed “ZDP” unfortunately his managers license was invalid so being the friend I am I gave him the job as ring announcer the next show ( in which he literally murdered ) the day after the show my inbox was bombarded with messages about how awful his announcing skills were. There comes a point in time where you finally have to cut the bad apple off the tree and that’s exactly what I was trying to do until unbeknownst to me before leaving the company August Lawrence had signed a commissioner contract with actively made Ben Shearin Commissioner of OPW in return Ben brought August back as 51% owner of OPW. So Ben had asked for a show be named after his great work, what’s not a better fitting name, he’s ruined everything thus far for me I’m sure he will ruin thanksgiving also.

Ben Shearin: First off, what a load of bullshit Josh just spewed out of his mouth. I barely had a chance to referee for the first show. Sean kept sticking his nose into my business. So of course, I’m gonna take advantage of the situation and do what I feel needs to be done. I killed it as the ring announcer by the way. And I don’t know how you didn’t see August joining my side, coming. We definitely had a way bigger vision for this than you did. You couldn’t take the blinders off and see the bigger picture. So we had to show that to you by any means necessary. Logan James is the bigger picture. He’s the right man to be the face of this company, not your brother.


2: OK, moving on. Who is really responsible for booking this Myron vs Blake match? It’s genuine fire.

B: Well Chad, you’re really handsome by the way, but obviously August and myself were the ones to make this match happen. As I’m sure you know, I have a ton of clout in this area, and a lot of connections. So I know this match had never happened, and I thought it would be an extraordinary match up. What’s going to suck however, is going to have to share the experience with the Jeffersonville trash, we call fans, that are going to stink up the joint.

J: Chad, do you not see what he’s doing here? It’s obvious Ben is only in this for him and a few small circle’d friends. Sure Commissioner take credit for something you had no involvement with. Fans have publicly asked for this match, it was I believe trending on twitter at one time so being the nice person I am I figured OPW could host it and give the great fans of Jeffersonville something well worth seeing.


3: Let’s try and keep it civil if we can. I know you both have your favorites, for various reasons, but why do you believe that your respective guys will walk out of the show Friday night as Champion?

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J: I’m a easy guy to get along with Chad, would literally give my last $10 to someone who needed it. Civil is my middle name but this is a no brainer, Trigga not only deserves the title he’s earned it. Iv personally have watched the dedication he’s put into this sport, the heart he’s showed the awesome crowd, and the will power to continue to fight even with running on E. The kid can go and deserves the opportunity to be the ace of OPW.

B: As 51% owner, I deliver the product, Josh. Remember that. As for your question, the only real answer here is Logan James. That guy is twice the wrestler Joe wishes he could be. By hook or by crook, Logan James will be successful in his first defense.


4: Do you think that we can ever get an OPW where each respective side of this beef is on the same page?

B: I’d like to think there could be a point I’m time when we’re all on the same side, but Josh can’t get his head out of his brother’s ass. So until then, I doubt it.

J: Ben clearly I don’t think you got the memo to be civil, please refer back to question 3. Chad this question hit home, I’d love to have a company where all sides are on the same page, working together, getting along, and cracking jokes hell If you don’t wake up happy doing what you love why do it? Unfortunately I think as long as Ben is Commissioner we won’t get that unless someone slips a happy pill into his soda.


5: Finally, differences aside how excited are both of you for this huge upcoming event?

B: I cannot wait for this show Friday night! I think other than Logan putting Joe to sleep in the finals of the tournament, this will be my favorite night in this shows existence! It’s gonna be great watching what August and myself put together, with the help of no one else.

J: To say I’m excited is a understatement, I’m very enthusiastic and eager to see how this show plays out. The work OPW has put into this show should really show our fans how much they mean to us. Please join us November 1st this will be a unforgettable night.


I appreciate you both for taking the time out of your busy schedules for doing this. I also want to thank OPW for the large donation that was made to the website. It was much appreciated Josh.

J: All good my friend.

B: Hey Chad, hate to do this to you, but August and myself made that donation. Josh wanted nothing to do with it… We also sent the fruit basket.

Oh, wow. Thanks Ben…I’ll see you guys Friday…I guess.


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