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by Sam Mitchell

Opening Contest Tag Team Match
Death Threat Army .vs. War Horse

“I was a little disappointed that the Awesome Odyssey wasn’t there tonight but the War Horse team was pretty impressive. First time I had seen them. I had also never seen death Threat Army before, but DAMN! those dudes were awesome! Great athletes and very fun to watch. Both teams did a pretty good job. Nice way to start the show off. I look forward to seeing them again. the death threat army took the win via pinfall.”


Cole Radrick .vs. Apollo Starr

“Cole and Apollo had a pretty good match up. great display of technical mat skills from both guys. Was a little sad Cole lost (I love the ifhy guys) but still a great match nonetheless. Apollo won with a pinfall.”


Calvin Tankman .vs. Myron Reed

“One of my favorite matches from the evening. Tankman came in with a lot of energy. dude absolutely squashed Myron. Even tho Myron DID deliver some brutal kicks and had some good offensive moments, “Indestructible” Calvin Tankman took the win via pinfall. also it was pretty cool, Calvin let me hold Myron as he chopped him. Never had that happen before at a show. nice little treat for me. lol.”


Corporal Robinson .vs. Dru Skillz

“This one was very confusing. Karam wasn’t able to attend cuz of an injury. But Corp came out to everyone’s surprise. Then. a masked guy ran in. Corp beat him up. then Skillz came in and did his usual “I’m so tough and big and scary” act. Then with even a bigger surprise… Justin Kyle shows up and wipes out the masked dude and Corp. Then the match ended. very quick. Little confused about the whole ordeal. I think Corp deserved more. I don’t even know who the masked guy was. The whole thing kinda left us all thinking “what just happened?” I don’t think this is the end of this. I hope Skillz and Kyle gets what’s coming to them eventually. Maybe we’ll find out more at the Thanksgiving show.”


Tai Pai Deathmatch
Dale Patricks .vs. Atticus Cogar

“The first deathmatch of the evening. Atticus and Dale put on a great show of twisted violence. both were pretty evenly matched. Hoping to see them against another someday. During the match Dale had his trunks pulled down and Atticus slapped his naked bare ass with glass (ouch) and a door was broken in half as Atticus threw him through it. Match had some pretty good spots, and some good back and forth. Just as I thought Atticus would take the victory. Dale took the win after giving a piledriver off the top rope onto a pile of broken doors and a big pile of glass.”


Main Event
Gusset Plates & Doors
From Hell Deathmatch
John Wayne Murdoch .vs. Akira

“You guys. I’ve seen some good deathmatches this year, but good god. John Wayne Murdoch and Akira just beat the holy hell outta one another. Just one stiff shot one after the other. If they weren’t hitting one another with fists, or kicking one another, they were blasting each other back and forth with chairs, and broken pieces of doors. A very, very stiff match. I thought what these guys did at the AWR Deathmatch Tournament was good, but tonight left me in awe. Just left my jaw dropped. I gotta say….may be the deathmatch of the year. It really was something to see. Akira took the win after giving John the ol “poisonous mist to the face” move and then pinned him. Both of these guys deserved a huge round of applause and standing ovation for what they did. Not enough “holy shit” chants for this war. Very glad I got to witness this. Matches like this is what makes me proud to be an independent wrestling fan and a deathmatch wrestling fanatic.”


Overall Comments:
“AWR yet again puts on yet another fantastic show. Not a negative thing to say about the show expect the championship match was a little shorter than I expected. But other than that the whole event was really really awesome. I would highly recommending seeing this once its available on streaming services or on dvd/bluray. Thank you to all the guys that came out and put on a great show for us fans, and a huge thank you to all the crew members that worked so hard to make it possible. Looking forward to the next event!”

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