PPW celebrates two years tomorrow night and we are lucky enough to have one of the founders  and owners of the company give us some of his time to tell us all about it.

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1: Did you ever have any doubts that you guys would make it to two years?

To be honest there has been quite a bit of adversity throughout our first two years, but I always knew we weren’t going anywhere.


2: Corey vs Myron won it this year from the fans, what was YOUR pick for match of the year in 2019 so far?

There are actually a few matches that deserve the same level of spotlight as Myron vs Corey from an in-ring perspective but the entire package and the emotion behind the Myron vs Corey match is what put it over the top for so many people. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a bell to bell guy though..so here are the aforementioned matches that deserve the spotlight from Year 2 :

AJ Gray vs Calvin Tankman (Summer On Lock)

BPIV vs Jonathon Gresham( Summer On Lock)

Rejects vs IFHY 30 minute Iron Man( Mask Off)

KTB vs Mikey( The Black Album)

Cole Radrick vs Myron Reed(Summer On Lock)

John Wayne Murdoch vs Matthew Justice (Set It Off)

Corey Storm vs Freddie Hudson (Heavy Hitters)

Billie Starkz vs Jonathan Wolf ( Gender Wars)

(Pick up these shows and check the matches out right here. -ED)


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Handsome Bastard. photo via Facebook

3: If you could book one match for PPW that you guys haven’t had the ability to pull off yet, who would it be?

Effy vs AJ Gray.


4: What match on Friday do you think is going to steal the show?

Nick Iggy vs Shawn Kemp without a doubt.


5: Year two is over man, how excited are you for year three?

The growth between year one and year two has been so humbling and I can’t wait for everyone to see some of the things we have planned for year 3. Year 1 was our foundation, Year 2 has been an ascension to relevance in the larger Independent Wrestling world and in Year 3 I want to make a mark and have the next Paradigm shift bring wrestling in this area to a new height.


Big thanks to Cam for taking the time to do this and the support of the site through the years. 

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