Tomorrow and Saturday are most likely the biggest shows in this young promotion’s history. We were able to get with JC just a little bit before this huge event to get his thoughts. 

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1: October 18th is right around the corner. How stoked are you for Southern Sickness Cup?

Man this has all felt like a giant dream but now we are right on top of it and I’m so ready to show people how TrainWreck parties.


2: Do you think the changes in the lineup from the original announced participants have made it possible for some people to step up in the deathmatch scene in a big way?

Oh absolutely, A guy like Kevin Giza in a Deathmatch? Dude goes hard in a regular match I can only imagine what he’s gonna do in a Deathmatch. I’m excited to see what someone like Marli Knox does in the first round, she has heart and I think she is gonna be a someone that comes out of this tournament a star


3: As a deathmatch fan yourself, which of the first round matches excites you the most?

First round I’m probably most excited for JWM vs Tremont, The final chapter in this story that has built for years besides that match I would say probably Markus Crane and Jeff King I think it’s the most unpredictable match of the first round.


4: I have to touch on some of the previous controversy on the New Albany show. Seriously…can you make someone else’s Dad mad at you guys? That shit did killer numbers for the site!

Fuck that guy is my comment on that one.


5: Alright man, is there anything you want to put out to any fence sitters to put them over the top on buying a Sickness Cup ticket?

This tournament might have had line up changes and everything else but this tournament is gonna be wild,it’s gonna be creative and it’s gonna be violent if you’re not there this weekend come sunday you’ll kick yourself in the ass.


Thanks to JC for joining us.

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