We are in the final 10 kids. Today we talk to a young man who has an opportunity to win the EWE Championship on Saturday night. I also took a moment to discuss the most famous coal miner in the history of miners.

Mr. Harlan County 2 years running. Photo by Deanna Risinger edited by William Rivera

1: How has it felt to be back in the ring after the long time away due to injury?

Being back in the ring feels like the old story about the prodigal son being home, but from the son’s point of view. My friends and wrestling family have been welcoming, it took a while for my fellow Miners to get used to me not being back there for quite some time, But in the case of wrestling, it’s still not an easy road to be back on, because there are many who see the injured arm as a target for attack, —and some of those have succeeded.


2: How hard is it to split time between working in a coal mine and becoming a professional wrestler?

There is a fine balance between being in the ring and being in the mines, having that job from an early age has taught me a lot of responsibility in keeping a schedule between both. My home life is nearly non existent on days that I have to wrestle, but that’s OK because WITH wrestling, I am able to provide for the people I care about the most, both back home in Harlan, and the friends that I’ve made in the time that I’ve been wrestling.


3: Have you ever ran into this man in the mines? 

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I haven’t seen that man in my specific mine, but I’ve seen people compare me to him a few times as a joke, and I laugh at it because if you can’t laugh at yourself, you begin to lose sight of who you are and an ego begins to form if further not kept in check.


4: Saturday you once again have the opportunity to become EWE Champion, do you think that now is your time?

I think that This Saturday is a proving ground for me, I can’t say that I will win for sure, because that would be underestimating both of my opponents, but what I CAN say is that I WILL fight as hard as I’ve ever fought to come out with gold held high above my head as the smoke settles. If that happens, I will be gracious in my victory, but if not, I will be humble in defeat and return to the road that I’ve been walking on in search of that very same gold.


5: Lastly, what can we expect from you in 2020?

In 2020, you can expect more of the Coal County Crusher, doing as I’ve always done — Fighting Hard for what I believe, and standing up for what is right in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity. There are a few projects in store for me within the next year, more details on where you can see me, and what I’m getting involved in as they become available. Surprisingly, I’ve never wrestled in Kentucky but soon enough I hope to change that so that the fans in my home state can see me wrestle closer to home. Finally, At the end of the year, when hindsight is 2020, I hope to go from Coal Miner to GOLD Miner. (Ed. Note: Bazinga)


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