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Commentators: Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone

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  • They start out with a quick rundown on what we see here on the first episode.


  • We then get a very “real” sport type fight video for Cody/Sammy. Really good start.


Cody w/Brandi Rhodes vs Sammy Guerva

There were a little bit of jitters in the beginning but that didn’t matter because the crowd was HYPE for Cody. The dude could have kicked a puppy in the ring and these people would have cheered. I think having Aubrey in there as ref really helped set them apart as different right out of the gate. The crowd hated Sammy not just for his character but for him being in there with their hero. Brandi got involved a couple of times which is good because she’s kind of awesome in that role. This was a hell of a deal to start off the new show and was one of my favorite things on the night.

Winner: Cody with an inside cradle out of a Shooting Star.

  • Tony comes down to interview Cody but Sammy butts in for the handshake. Jericho arrives to lay a severe beatdown on his future opponent that continues through the first commercial. Good stuff.


Brandon Cutler vs MJF

MJF cutting a promo to the ring was the highlight of the match. Cutler seemed shell shocked out there and may have legit hurt himself falling off the ropes. MJF will be huge if his ringwork catches up to his personality and charisma. This match was just a showcase for him and that’s it. It was what it was.

Winner: MJF with the Salt of the Earth armbar.


  • Chris Somethingorother is with Jay and Silent Bob. They say the usual and pimp the new movie before Jack Evans and Angelico arrive to run down the MOTHER FUCKING TIME. Bunch of savages on this show. Private Party arrives to save the day for Morris Day fans everywhere.


  • We see the tag title brackets and get a pre-tape from SCU. Worst city etc. but Scorp’s Obama impression was on point.
  • Then Tony is LIVE with SCU before the Lucha Bros arrive and the brawl that is expected breaks out. Dean Malenko looks old.


  • We see both teams in the main event backstage.


Adam Page vs PAC

Unlike the last match I felt they could go either way with this. We start out super hot and I thought it might be better than the opener but then slowed way the hell down. Multiple commercial breaks hurt it a lot for me even with the picture in picture. This was good but I was expecting great and that may be my fault. As it was it was FINE but nothing memorable.

Winner: PAC got the win after a kick to the junk, Black Arrow and Brutalizer. You can’t say they aren’t protecting Page.


  • Britt Baker joins the commentary team for the next match…she really shouldn’t have.


AEW Women’s Championship: Nyla Rose vs Riho

This thing got “Holy Shit” and “This is Awesome” chants… I think that is because the crowd was super hyped and WANTED this to be magic. It wasn’t. Riho makes Sasha Banks look like the Warlord in the size department and isn’t nearly good enough to make me ignore that while taking on a monster like Nyla. Nyla always doing the dumbest thing she possibly could in the match didn’t help my enjoyment either. Saying you have the best women’s roster is one thing but you have to show me your work. I know they are pushing new people but put Kong and Allie in there and tell me it’s not better. Disappointing to say the least.

Winnner: Riho wins that tiny ass belt with the double knees.

  • Riho is about to be interviewed when Nyla attacked. Kenny Omega makes the save before Nyla can injure someone accidentally. She almost dropped old boy on his head during that powerbomb attempt TWICE. If you can’t do it, don’t.


Kenny Omega/Young Bucks vs Chris Jericho/Santana/Ortiz

Break out the pitchforks because I thought this was fine. Nothing stand out just seemed like a regular tag with some smoke and mirrors thrown in. Moxley showing up to DDT Omega through the glass coffee table was fun I guess. The rest of the tag match where the Bucks hung strong just seemed like a formality.

Winner: Jericho leads his team to the victory with the Judas Effect.

  • The Jericho team continues the beatdown on the Bucks until Cody saves. Cody runs wild for a moment until Sammy arrives and kicks him in the junk. Dustin shows up to stand up for his brother but gets stopped when Jake Hager (of Jack Swagger fame) arrives to make everyone but Dustin look like a little person. Dustin takes a Doctor Bomb onto a table and Cody has to watch the disrespect. Jericho’s army stands tall.


Overall Thoughts: I know it seemed like I didn’t enjoy this but I really did like it as an alternative. That doesn’t mean I’m going to blow smoke and pretend like they just changed the game or something. It was a fun show and the Cody match was really good but they still have a lot of time to get stories in line and let people get over the fear of being on national TV. I haven’t watched NXT yet but I really don’t think it’s fair to compare the two shows. I’m sure I will like them both fine. I want to watch next week so the good folks at AEW did do their jobs tonight, I hope they can keep this momentum going.


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