So I have been told to do this forever and finally tried it.

Check it out here.


Is it any good? Nah, maybe, I don’t know. Will it get better? Same. Regardless I have 2 things up now for you to check out. The first is a quick little introduction to the podcast. the second is a little 15 minute thing on my thoughts from last nights Raw premiere. Hell if you just want a recap of a 3 hour show in 15 minutes it’s worth your time for that. Thanks for listening and any feedback would be cool. 


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This is also the time of year where we really start asking for donations to keep this thing running for the next year. Last year it literally came down to the last second as to whether or not I could keep this thing going and I’d rather not have to deal with that again. So if you can donate a couple of bucks please do. Or head on over and pick up a t-shirt, hoodie or some of our other fun stuff.. If you use the code MIDWEST you get free shipping until the end of the month. If not? Maybe share some of this stuff or make a comment on a column so I can make enough from the site to make it self sustainable.