Tick Tock on these deals. Today we managed to get with Bro and talked everything Paradigm with him before tonight’s big show. We also discuss the huge Popeye’s vs Chik-fil- A controversy. As you can tell I’m getting to the hard hitting, riveting stuff with these last few.

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1: Who influenced your commentary style?

Early on I tried model my style after Bobby “The Brain” Heenan or Jesse “The Body” Ventura because they were my favorites growing up. Their dynamic with Gorilla Monsoon was so entertaining that I sometimes forgot about the match. Nowadays, with my new commentary partner @J_MendozaPPW , I tend to fall somewhere between late 80’s Jim Ross and Mauro Ranallo, at least that what I aspire to be. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t include Joey Styles and John House from the early to mid 2000’s CZW.


2: You have been around PPW for a long time. Who has your favorite performer been?

That’s a tough question. I’ve seen a lot of talent come and go, big fan of guys like the @GymNastyBoyz@The_Ace_Austin @IRONELBOW88,  and @DirtyDickinson who’ll be back for the 2nd Anniversary show on October 25th. However, if you look at the core group, I consistently look to see who @TheBadReed  is facing so if I’m picking one guy, it’s The Fiyahman.


3: Chik-Fil-A or Popeyes?

“Popeye’s Chicken is the shiznit!” – Little Nicky (2000) I have a great story about the chicken sandwich debate and scoring the last Popeye’s sandwich in Jeffersonville the day of our last show but suffice it to say, I like spicy chicken and Popeye’s is better and has more options.


4: AJ Gray has been the most successful PPW Champion in history. In your opinion will be ever see someone take him down?

AJ is an absolutely amazing talent with athleticism that reminds me of 2 Cold Scorpio or a young Scott Steiner, but he also has that brute strength/strong style side of him that reminds me of the great Stan Hansen or Brusier Brody. I mean, nothing lasts forever but it’s gonna take a miraculous effort to derail the big body Cadillac that is @RichHomieJuice. The man is #4 on the @indiewrestling Top 10 List of challengers for the Independent Championship for a good damn reason.


5: Finally, are you more excited about the Anniversary Show in October or the Heavyweight Grand Prix in November?

So given I’ve heard the rumblings of some potential match-ups and talent scheduled to appear at the 2nd Anniversary show and, let me tell you, it’s gonna be nothing short of f’n spectacular. That being said, I’m big on new experiences, trying new things. I’ve called over 160 matches so far, championship matches involving 6 different company’s titles. I’ve called matches that have been every kind of extreme from Portals of Pain to Stairways to Hell, but I’ve never called anything like what’s planned for the Grand Prix. I’m excited for the new style of match, something the casual fan has definitely never seen before and I’ve not seen before for that matter. For that reason, and for the talent coming in, like @Antnyhenry and@erickstevens82, I’d have to say the Grand Prix has the slight edge.


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