If you are in the Louisville area Saturday night please come out and support this good cause for these awesome people. 


The Boohers are a great family that is having a hard time and could use the help of the fine folks in the wrestling community that they have always supported.

In November Amy found out she has Cancer, from there she had surgery in December and was placed in isolation due to a Radioactive Iodine pill she had to take. During this time she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. With all of the testing and Doctor appointments she had and the fact that she was unable to return to work because of the pain she exhausted all of her personal time at her job (at which she held a supervisor position) and they fired her. The family lost over half of their income and health Insurance. The goal is to have a great turn out and kelp this family as much as possible.

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So this is where we come in. If you want to help participate or show up and support this great event they are having all kinds of fun things for you to do.

Wrestling Matches:

(The line up will be made up of folks volunteering so if they show up to entertain and you buy their Merch it would be awesome. Also if you are a wrestler/personality that would like to donate your time hit me up and I’ll get you in contact with the right folks.)

A cook/bake off : 

Cook off/Bake off rules
Participation Grants you free entry to the event.
$10 entry fee to enter the contest. Bring your entry and everything needed to serve the guests. Guests will pay $2 for a portion of your entry. The $2 goes to the benefit. After serving the guest, winner will be decided by guest votes. Guests will be handed 5 voting tickets upon entrance of the building. Guest are able to vote however they deem fit. Before the last wrestling match of the evening the votes will be tallied and a winner will be announced. The winner will receive a portion of the total entry fees.

An auction with stuff already donated by:

Billie Starkz 
Malibu Jack’s
Cedar chest
Speed Art Museum
Derby Dinner Playhouse
Paranormal Investigation

Once again folks these are really good people so if you would and or can help out please do so. The event page is right here and if you can’t make that but still want to help out? They have a Go Fund Me right here. I appreciate everything you can do and I’m sure they will as well.