Not many of these things left so I’m still having fun with them. Today we cover a little of both wrestling and haunted houses since both are awesome this time of year.

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1: What are you more excited for this time of year, wrestling, football or haunt season?

Honestly this part of the year is my favorite part. Fall weather, football, and hella good wrestling. My main attention kinda gets pulled away from wrestling tho because at night I transform into a creature of terror. And that gives me such an adrenaline rush. One I haven’t felt since a Friday night football game.

Hamsome…get it?


2: You will be all over the Haunted House scene this time of year. What was your favorite haunt when you were going for fun and not to torture folks?

Fun fact. I’m a big baby and don’t like haunted houses. When people make me jump it gives me anxiety. Cool story: When I was 7 years old my mother took me to haunted hotel. We was standing in line and I had to pee. My mom took me around back and we opened the porta potty. The chainsaw monster was standing in there. He ripped the chainsaw and all of sudden my mom disappeared. She took off running so dude chased me. I started running have no clue where she went. But finally I just broke down and starting crying in the middle of the street. My uncle carried me through that haunted house. Scared me for life bro. Fast forward 20+ years. I currently work at that same haunted house that scared my childhood.


3: Moving on to wrestling. Seriously man, can anyone on the Paradigm roster take down AJ Gray?

Aj Gray has been the most dominant individual that has ever been in PPW and maybe the Midwest. That dude is a monster and I truly don’t know if anyone on our roster has what it takes. Someone is going to have to majorly step up. I know they can do it. Consider this my challenge to the PPW roster.


4: A lot of big shows coming up for Paradigm in the coming months. Which are you most looking forward to?

Our 2 year anniversary show is October 25th. Id be lying if I told you that one don’t mean something to me. Never in a million years would I ever think that id be living this dream. And I get to do it with two of my best friends in the world and other close friends. Also I get to hang out with you! (Brownie pts) Your check is in the mail- ED


5: 2019 is almost gone. What can the PPW nation expect heading into the new year and beyond?

PPW is improving every day. Our roster continues to grow. What you can expect is for us to continue to provide a wonderful family atmosphere and fun show. We will continue to bring in talents from around the world and have great action in the ring. We will continue to grow with our IWTV family and maybe even look to live stream some shows on the network if things slide into place correctly! 2020 is going to be a huge year for PPW.


Thanks to Doug for joining us today. Always a pleasure.

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