I’ve been out of the wrestling game for a couple of days due to family stuff but I do have some results to get up today. The first is some from Friday’s OPW show.

  • So apparently Commissioner Ben Shearin is legit and he has formed an Alliance with Co-Owner August that gives them 51% of the company. I’m just a small town Pizza Lawyer so don’t ask me how that works. Ben then informed everyone Duke the Nuke had the night off which brought out Lukas Jacobs. After some sniping back and forth Rudo LaMotta appeared and attacked Lukas setting up a match for later. Oh, Trigga Travis was also put in a match with JJ Garrett where if he won he was put in the number one contenders main event.


Trigga Travis defeated JJ Garrett. Afterwards a brawl broke out with Rudo/Jacob Black attacking before Joshie Boy made the save.


Mallaki Matthews defeated Omega via shenanigans.


Chet Ripley defeated Nate Edwards with a double arm DDT.


Jacob Black defeated Joshie Boy.


Lukas Jacobs defeated Rudo LaMotta by DQ. Omega joined Ben’s little group. Kevin Giza and Trigga made the save.


Johnathan Wolf defeated Alice Crowley with a Your Mom’s a Hoeplex.


Trigga Travis defeated Gringo Loco and Ace Austin to become number 1 contender by pinning Loco.


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