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The Purge (Reed, Zander and Croux) defeated Chet Love, Kev-O and Lillie Lockhart in Six Person Tag Team Match after Croux hit Chet in the back of the head with a crowbar then Reed and Zander followed it up with hitting The Shining to get the win.


“The Black Unicorn” Loki Havik defeated Plowboy Portman by pin-fall.


“The Hero of Harlan” Coal County Crusher defeated “The Crimson Dagger” Ace Jackson by pin-fall to become the NEW #1 contender to the GPW Championship. After the match, Ace laid Crusher out with 2 Dagger Knockout Punches.


Rock Lobster and The Mother Cluckin’ Chicken defeated Bonez The Destructor and The Pope Lick Monster in the KAIJU Match.


Joshie Boy defeated Joe “Trigga” Travis to become the FIRST EVER Grindhouse Pro Wrestling .Com Champion following 2 superkicks.


“The Future” Freddie Hudson defeated Duke The Nuke to retain the GPW Championship in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.


“The Keg King” Rich Dulmage, “Space Jesus” Billie Starkz and “Punk Rock Princess” Alice Crowley defeated Bad Dude Gang (“The Misfit” Billy Mattern, Apollo “Showtime” Garvin and Big D w/Dude Baddington) in the TUFF GAMES Match, When Alice and Billie made Billy Mattern submit.


After Rich, Billie and Alice had their 5 mins alone with Dude, Everyone in the Bad Dude Gang took their shirt off and threw it at Dude who was laid out in the ring and said they quit the Bad Dude Gang. GPW Owner 2 Tuff Tony asked Dude who was still laid out in the ring to join him on running the day to day operations at Grindhouse and in another shocker of the night, Dude Baddington got on the mic and said he QUIT Grindhouse Pro Wrestling!!!


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