Only a few of these bad boys left. It’s kinda crazy. Today we had the privilege of speaking to Big D again before an awesome benefit show he has coming up next week… then it went off the rails.

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Big D shown destroying an unknown opponent. Credit: @onetouchsports

1: Alright here is the question that is obviously on everyone’s mind… boxers or briefs?

If anything Boxers. Briefs are rather constricting.


2: You have had a change of attitude at Grindhouse over the last couple of months. Do you think being associated with the Bad Dude Gang has helped your career thus far?

Obviously yes. As soon as I joined the BDG I was awarded a was Grindhouse Pro Wrestling Championship match. Something that in 3 years at Grindhouse I had never had to that point, despite being a cornerstone of company since day one. I have given everything to that company with no real recognition. So why wouldn’t I join a group of people who are in the same #boat? And as you see I haven’t been given me another opportunity at the championship. Because they know I will win it. And they don’t want someone like me with the belt.


3: On to the important interview questions… Baked Mac in Cheese or the regular stuff?

I consider myself a macaroni and cheese connoisseur. But I want cheesy, creamy goodness. I am good with stuff in it like proteins, salsa, chili, or vegetables. But I swear to Guy Fieri that if you put that crunchy shit on top of it I will not eat it.

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4: So at the Body Slams and Bakeoff for the Boohers event… will you be cooking or wrestling?

You know as a Buffet Brother, I can throw down in the ring and in the kitchen. So I will be doing both. I will however, be unable to win Best of Show for the cook off. This is going to be a one of a kind event with raffles, a cook off/bake off, and a wrestling show with music provided by DJ Eric. This is going to be alot of fun, and I hope alot of people join us.


5: Finally, and this is super important, do you think you can take MMA Legend Tony Dynamite in a shoot fight?

I am super lucky to actually hold a victory over MMA Legend Tony Dynamite. It was however in a 17 person scramble, and I had to put him through light tubes still installed and turned on, in the ceiling. But one on one. All I could do is hope to survive.


And then…

I just want to say that I am super lucky to have been a guest on this segment not only once but twice this year. It is one of my favorites to read on the entire website. At the beginning of the year I said my goal was to be interviewed and I wanted to thank you for having me on this amazing program. Like I said I have read almost all of these so I want to ask you 5 random questions if that is OK.

Man, what could I say?

1: You got kids so I know you watch them, what is you favorite kids show?

Scooby Doo. My daughter and I have been watching it her entire life.

2: What is your favorite pop tart flavor?I will say I have never had a pop tart I haven’t liked but I have not eaten pop tarts that I knew I wouldn’t like.

Gotta go strawberry, but if you hand me any flavor without icing I’ll kick you in the dick.

3: What is your favorite town in Alaska?

It’s a little fishing town called Go Fuck Yourself.

4: If you could pick anyone, who would you like to see Big D go up against?


5: What is your favorite discontinued food item?

Currently that Popeye’s sandwich, but to be real? Those wings that had at McD’s for a bit were good as hell.


All joking aside, please follow Big D on Facebook and Twitter and if you can help out in any way with the benefit show please do. The family has been hit with a ton of crap and have been able to come through a bad situation still an awesome group of people to be around. They are are hardworking, sweet and loving people that would do anything for anyone else. I would consider it a huge favor if you can help them out in any way. Hit up the link above for more information.


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