So we had OPW owner Josh Growe on yesterday and Ben had a fit that he was being misrepresented and demanded that he get the opportunity to tell his side of the story. My bad.


1: You have the uncanny ability to make people want to punch you in the throat. Were you born with that or just get lucky?

I honestly don’t get why people want to punch me in the throat. I just call it like it is and point things out that other people don’t want to see. Much like Joe Trigga Travis being handed everything he’s gotten at OPW. But under my watch, I’m going to make sure he earns every thing he gets, if I feel like he should get anything.


2: Your talents have served you well. What of the many jobs that you currently hold in the wrestling business do you enjoy most? Manager, Commish, Ref?

I love being in this business, in whatever capacity. But I love being Commissioner the most, because I get to make decisions and help raise this company to be the best it can be. Let’s face it, before I was the head guy there, we weren’t getting near the talent we are now. You’re welcome, OPW fans.


3: Have you ever in your life ONCE doubted El Dandy?

No fool would ever doubt El Dandy. Especially Bret Hart. Watch the product, idiot.


4: Who are your biggest fans, Pat Deez Nuts or the family of the Mama’s Boiz?

Everyone in the crowd loves me. Just go back and watch the show where we crowned our first OPW Champion (shout out to Logan James. That’s my boy). I walked out and the crowd erupted with happiness. And then for some reason they turned on me and wouldn’t let me prove to them I was the rightful Commissioner.

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5: So who was the person that got you that backdoor job as OPW Commish?

No one “got” me anything you idiot. Just make sure you’re in attendance September 20th to see this contract. I can’t wait for all of you to have to wipe the egg off of your faces when I prove you all wrong.


We want to “thank” Ben for being with us today. Follow him on Twitter if you want. Or don’t. Also whatever you do don’t listen to his new podcast. It, much like he, is big trash.


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