The final countdown keeps moving along. Today we are able to talk to Josh about the big OPW show Friday night.

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1: How does it feel after being a fan to run your own wrestling company?

It’s been a amazing experience, a roller coaster from outside the guardrail to inside. With my uncle passing away in December OPW has really helped me cope with losing him.


2: OPW has had some good ones but what has your favorite show been thus far?

Hands down OPW Presents: You Are A Champion, the crowd, the atmosphere, and the matches were great. We also crowned our first Champion so definitely a win win.


3: Do you think bringing in big names like Gringo Loco will cause the OPW performers to step their game up in the coming months?

I believe so, we have some great wrestlers that deserve big opportunities. You know the saying sometimes to be the best you gotta beat the best and that’s exactly what OPW is pushing for.


4: We have to address this. Who dropped the ball on this Ben as commissioner deal?

Unfortunately this is a touchy subject, Commissioner Shearin has definitely grown a crowd of people that dislike him. The only thing I can place a finger on is my business partner ( August Lawrence) had something to do with it. We shall see though.


5: Finally, what can the fans of OPW expect in the coming months and in to the new year?

A great night of “Simply Wrestling”. If it wasn’t for the awesome fans we wouldn’t be able to do this. OPW will continues to deliver action packed shows that will keep you wanting more and more with of course some added surprises.


We want to thank Josh for taking the time to do this. Follow him and OPW on Twitter for further show information.


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